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  1. Protection from Evil on Gear: Just stop. It's useless.

    The only use for Protection from Evil spell is to prevent Command/Greater Command. There may be some other spells that it blocks but they are so rarely seen.

    There are many sources of Prot. from...
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    Agreed! And Loot Devs....

    "I just ignore those effects now when putting value on an item"

    Do you really want to design gear that has *almost* completely ignored or devalued effects?

    I agree and have experienced it's...
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  4. I'd drop Quicken

    With the recent changes to the Concentration check (DC = 10 + 1/10th incoming damage) I skipped Quicken on a recent Warlock life to check them out. I usually max Concentration even with Quicken.
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    Put the ring in the crafting device (reforging...

    Put the ring in the crafting device (reforging station I think) and it should show you the correct values available.

    Just searching the device's barter window showed me the same thing (+0 and +1)...
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    Hmm, will have a look. I posted before...

    Hmm, will have a look. I posted before re-assigning so that could be it.

    Thanks for the assist. ;)
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    Scion of Feywild is BROKEN

    I just took Scion of the Feywild which claims it add +4 to Enchantment DCs

    The DC of my Mass Hold Monster went from 80 to 81.

    I logged out and back in to see if it helped.

    It did not.

  8. Yes, I recall the thread detailing the issues...

    Yes, I recall the thread detailing the issues with Eldritch Wave a few weeks back. I hadn't used EW in the longest time so didn't notice. Last I used was probably 2nd Lock Life right before Shining...
  9. Ah I get you, I think. Similar to the ghost shot...

    Ah I get you, I think. Similar to the ghost shot rune-arm issues?
  10. So you gladly got paid Tuesday for the hamburger...

    So you gladly got paid Tuesday for the hamburger you purchased for someone the other day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    ffs I need a blunt...
  11. To be clear. The Damage part of Consume works,...

    To be clear. The Damage part of Consume works, the Speed boost of Feeding Frenzy works. The animations for Eldritch Burst and Spirit Blast occur but neither does any damage when activated...
  12. Warlock Consume is Bugged and has been for years now.

    Minor but extremely annoying BUG.

    If I use CONSUME then immediately hit Eldritch Burst followed by Spirit Blast NEITHER does anything at all. The Consume works but I have to JUMP, SWING a...
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    Not sure how I did it...

    But, I completed the first time through, solo.

    The second time through I got out some graph paper and spent an hour mapping it out.

    This was with the RIGHT hand door open at the beginning.
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    Cliffside Docks District. You can see the access...

    Cliffside Docks District. You can see the access point in the Sharn public zone map.
  15. Sharn Mob Chain Missiles....Blown Deadline

    How am I getting hit with Chain Missile splash damage from construct mobs in Blown Deadline?

    While SOLO.

    Shield/Nightshield will prevent the first hit but not the splash missiles if the first...
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    Given your forum join date...

    I am assuming you remember the good old days when monks, wf and anyone with a Proof vs Poison Item (mine was ML2) trivialized poison attacks & poison traps.

    As someone pointed out this was changed...
  17. Ran again at lunch today.

    No problem.
  18. GAHD Nevermind

    I forgot about the upper gate that the lever actually opens to drop down.

  19. Why won't the basement door open in Best Laid Plans?

    Ran twice this morning. The basement door did not open either time.

    1) Got Ledger, went through gate in warehouse to purple light gravity thing.
    2) Did Wheel Puzzle to get into office
    3) Killed...
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    Wait, what? Really? You havn't wanted that...

    Wait, what? Really? You havn't wanted that sentient day 1 like the rest of us? Lol
  21. So I spent an hour mapping Roll Call on 20+ y/o Graph Paper... make farming Legendary Blessed Vestments and Aetherband easier.

    Got the Vestments in the end chest :) (but still need the Hallowed Castigators from Blown Deadline)

    Aetherband will come...
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    How about...

    IF you have Legendary Hound/Tempest Spine Runes you can turn in for some pretty decent Armor. The ML was lowered to 27 several...
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    To be fair...

    The first time I ran through it was solo and I did read the NPC dialogue in the bar. Didn't see the bar on my map but just found it while exploring.

    The 2nd time through a day or so later I was...
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    House of Pain (quest name change)

    To House of PITA.

    Seriously, *** is supposed to happen in the quest? Run your ass off for an hour killing mobs in slums and then what?
  25. Yep.

    Wasn't asking for a nerf. I was asking for more thought process before making quest encounters that are spiteful and punitive.

    Getting shot with Tactical Detonation through floors from mobs...
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