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  1. Horc is great!

    I've played a lot of Barb and love them very much, here is my advice;

    You want the t5 from Frenzied Berserker because nearly all of the enhancements there are nuts.
    Spending a bunch of points in...
  2. THF is better

    THF is better DPS, its also (amusingly) more survivable than a dps sword and board (unless using dwaxe or b-sword). This is because you have good access to stuns and trips with Strikethrough so if...
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    Locked into Pally?

    Paladin is quite a stat intensive class (STR,CON, CHA,WIS) so twenty eight point builds can be a little rough.
    I strongly recommend trying out Barbarian for a first lifer, (only need STR and CON)the...
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    Ah, that sucks. May I suggest moving to Cannith?...

    Ah, that sucks.
    May I suggest moving to Cannith?
    its a well populated server with plenty of fairly competent PUG raids at peak times
    There are also a number of Guilds that regularly run Raids...
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    No raid gear?

    I'm curious why you don't want to include any raid gear in this gear layout? Much of it is easy to get and significantly better in slot.
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    I'm not gonna argue that they'll be on par with...

    I'm not gonna argue that they'll be on par with sorcs, but did you see Tronko and Vincino two man slavers and TOEE pt on r10 as melees?
    Melee is playable and good its just much harder to play well...
  7. Don't try to do it all at once

    People have more or less said this already.
    Don't try to do it all at once,
    Do pieces of the game as you go. Most medium skull groups 4-7 skulls or so can easily carry a random first life...
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    My sorc, the one running away first in the video,...

    My sorc, the one running away first in the video, has tanked Doom reapers on r10, its fine if you have a good healer.
    The actual reason we ran away here was because if we went up to those reapers...
  9. Poll: This is So silly

    What a ridiculous thread, "should builds that focus on being damage dealers deal damage? " What kind of question is this? Who is going to deal damage if not the damage dealers?
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    Both ?

    Here's what I envision

    Tier 1 5%
    Tier 2 5%
    Tier 3 5%
    Tier 4 15% (This is a minimum of 8 fighter levels due to a feat requirement)
    Tier 5 20%

    LvL 12 core 10%
    Lvl 18 core 10%
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    This is a serious problem, I'd say to address it...

    This is a serious problem,
    I'd say to address it is fairly easy too, you just put Strikethrough into the weapon damage enhancements and lock it to use with the appropriate weapons.
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    Hot bars not re-skinning

    So I've just downloaded and applied the Blackbird skin, it works fine for all my windows and my vertical hot-bars show the ui change, but for some reason my horizontal bars aren't being changed?...
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    U45 Preview 3?

    Question to the devs,

    Are we going to be getting a 3rd preview before U45 considering the massive balance pass proposed?
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    How bad could it be?

    Just a little video my guildy made while we were farming Jibbers blades on r10
  15. Multi-selector?

  16. What if instead of Nerfing Divine Might you made...

    What if instead of Nerfing Divine Might you made it harder to splash?

    Some options include:
    STR limiters similar to the divine grace formula
    Putting it into the t5 or the cores
    Making it a...
  17. Divine might changes

    Are the proposed changes to Divine Might a result of the proposed changes to THF (apply x3 relevant ability score) with concerns surrounding difficult to manage number inflation in that design space?...
  18. Live Dance of Death a good starting point

    The upgraded Dance of Death enhancement (currently on live) feels good and strong, this should really be the baseline for THF.

    Without using cleaves it should be impossible to hit monsters behind...
  19. The concept is terrific, we just want to hit a...

    The concept is terrific, we just want to hit a wider amount of mobs to feel like effective competitive members of the party that fit the flavor of what we're playing.

    We want to hit more stuff....
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    Its fun

    For me,
    I like to play challenging content with good rewards. High skulls reaper fits that bill with good rxp payouts and a decent challenge, high skulls at lower levels is indeed more challenging...
  21. Beating a dead horse, 2-3 dead horses at best

    Strike-through seems like a really good mechanic, some of which is being implemented in a very exciting way.
    Melee THF aoe has been nerfed pretty badly if there is:
    1. Such a low...
  22. There are Defensive benefits to Shields that...

    There are Defensive benefits to Shields that aren't just passives on the shield, They're mostly focused around actively blocking.

    I'm aware you're talking about DPS with shields and I'm saying...
  23. That's very reasonable, I think though the place...

    That's very reasonable, I think though the place to compensate S&B isn't with better DPS but with better tanking ability. If they received a slightly larger buff to PRR/MRR/AC/DR than currently live,...
  24. Not hitting enough stuff

    THF still not hitting enough things with this iteration. THF needs more AOE to be considered the AOE style

    The other changes look strong though I'm worried the power added to the top levels of THF...
  25. S&B DPS nerf not a problem

    I understand people are concerned about S&B getting left in the dust, I'd like to point out that S&B is *meant* to be the worst DPS style by far, you trade a big dps loss for a large defensive...
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