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    I feel the same way as you. I started a thread...

    I feel the same way as you.

    I started a thread on the same topic, here.
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    Re: Arkat

    Hey Arkat,

    I've looked at the build.

    If it works well, I'm glad. But if I were to splash lvl-up points, I'd be putting one into STR and WIS. That would at least put me in line for all 4 tiers...
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    Re: Purpose?

    The purpose was to have a DPS monk (as much as a WF monk can be about DPS), but not have completely worthless AC.

    So I thought about combining Windstance and Weapon Finesse (putting lvl-up points...
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    WF Monk - take CE and Stunning Fist?

    Hey folks,

    So I started up a WF monk, now at lvl 4.

    Str 14
    Dex 16 (+1 for lvl 4)
    Con 16
    Int 8
    Wis 14
    Cha 6
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    Hey Ghoste, this is Volt. So I just finished...

    Hey Ghoste, this is Volt.

    So I just finished my semester at school, and come to DDO for a little vacation before the next semester starts.

    I was hoping to see how you and the old guildies were...
  6. nbhs275, I see your vitrol, and raise you a...


    I see your vitrol, and raise you a lack of concern for your hostility.

    In case you haven't noticed, you're the only one who's blatantly outraged by this idea. Most other people are...
  7. If people feel they can legitimately demand...

    If people feel they can legitimately demand making their crafted armours look different-a completely NON-mechanics/gameplay issue, then those who feel as I do would have even more legitamacy to have...
  8. nbhs275, Aranticus has stated the point I was...


    Aranticus has stated the point I was trying to make.

    The thing about the bastard sword, is that it's NOT an "exotic" weapon. It is, as you've stated, a "gimpy" greatsword. BUT, it...
  9. lol yup, I wants a change. And yes, all the...

    lol yup, I wants a change.

    And yes, all the heavy one-handers are supposed to be able to be THF. But in the case of the bastard sword, I believe its special thing was that it was normally a THF,...
  10. Thanks all. I was actually thinking about the...

    Thanks all.

    I was actually thinking about the Kensai PrE when I look at the bastard sword. If the change were implemented, the bastard sword fighter would truly be a versatile DPS machine. Not as...
  11. Bastard swords: Please program to function as intended

    Hi. I like bastard swords. At least, I like what they're intended to be.

    Right now, as they stand, they're nothing more than a slightly bigger long sword that needs a feat to use proficiently.
  12. using a turn for bladesworn

    If you read the proposed idea for the line, I said that the first tier should give you permanent proficiency (no clicky, you are granted proficiency, period). So you wouldn't have to use that 1 turn...
  13. Devs, seriously, re-vamping faith lines is possible if you're willing

    I'm not afraid of making Faith Lines like class specialty enhancements. Palladins and Clerics are both powered by their faiths, so why not let that be a major driving force behind the class? If...
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    It'll take a while, but when my spell singer is...

    It'll take a while, but when my spell singer is lvl'd, you'll have even MORE reconstructing goodness from discounted sp costs :)
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    Yeah, I've noticed Imp was gone too. I mean, not that I'm known on Argo or anything, but I've ran with the dude once or twice (apparently he's some big shot nuker/sorc? lol) and he seemed pretty...
  16. I want to play on my cleric, but...

    I play a wf “shaman” (cleric x/wiz 1) sometimes. I don’t like healing, but I’ll do it, if only because you d*** fleshies whine so much if I don’t… and I admit, sometimes someone else does their job...
  17. Mordenkainen's Sword

    Force will be cooler if/when they add this spell. A 4d6 + 3 (crit x2 at 19-20) dmg force sword. This will make combat casters and force builds MUCH better. Too bad it's a lvl 7 spell...
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    WF warchanter with effective Stunning Blow

    I want to play a WF warchanter that uses Stunning Blow. I've picked up a Hammer of the Leaden Clouds, and figured it would be perfect for it. So a hammer and board guy. Mauls for when I really need...
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    (our) addy DR

    I've read in a few other threads that in End Game content our wonderful adamantine damage reduction is bypassed by most MOBs anyway, making it worthless. How true is this? Also, what are the MOBs in...
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    You haven't played much on Argo server, have you?

    We boast some of the best WF players in the game :cool:
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    Ahh. Farewell Al. It's sad to see you go...


    Farewell Al. It's sad to see you go (despite on leave from DDO myself), but I'm glad you're moving on if it's better for you. You're still one of the cooler persons I've met while playing...
  22. @ Sleepy A warchanter is a type of bard. It...

    @ Sleepy

    A warchanter is a type of bard. It focuses on buffs rather than cc/healing. Has an enhancement line that boosts its combat abilities relating to songs, including its own song (Stoneskin...
  23. I need help to figure out the "best" build idea

    Hi all. After getting my main, a certain sorceror, for a certain guild, to lvl 14 and 1750, I now have access to 32 pt builds for the first time since I've played this game, and can now branch out to...
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    My only comment is on the alignment.

    You posted CN (chaotic neutral), right? That would be incorrect. Vampires are undead, and as such, they follow the laws of undeath. If I recall, (most, anyway)...
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    list amendment

    Volt is now a lvl 11 sorc. You'd probably want to add him to the high lvl group now. Though once I can make 32 pt toons, I'll have a lowbie or two, no doubt :P
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