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    Class help! CLR or FS?!

    To start off, hello, and I'm happy that you're taking the time to (atleast I hope) help me out. My issue is I'm indecisive and I'd like an experienced DDO player. (Ironic as I say that considering my...
  2. The Guild of the Blood Warriors is recruting!

    Hello everyone! The Guild of the Blood Warriors is still recruting!

    Our location is Sarlona and soon to be Argonnesen

    (We are currently working on Argonnesen to spread the guild server wide)...
  3. !WANTED! 'Guild of the Blood Warriors' is !Recruting! Server: !Sarlonia!

    Our purpose: To have fun, to quest for riches, to share our experiences and advice. Also not speed through quests and take our time.

    We will have a Guild Call evrey WEEK to make sure everyone is...
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    Best suggestions for DDO characters

    Anyone have any ideas for good accounts? I could really use some help. I may have play for months but that still doesnt mean i know anything. I have a lvl 7 cleric but still. Anybody have any good...
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