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    I must second this too, while it is a few pages...

    I must second this too, while it is a few pages back. Permadeath is a non-entity in my mind, i will never enjoy and the idea that the main game is made more hardcore to suit the hardcore guys is such...
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    Good points, though overall I'm currently more in...

    Good points, though overall I'm currently more in favor of nerf than more power. In my eyes, to many power creeps over the years have been down this lane:
    - Class X can't solo hardest difficulty, it...
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    LD and EiN

    Just my 2 cents, cause of all the uninformed comments I have read through the thread.

    1) EiN Performance issue: The post stated it taxes the servers. This does NOT neccessarily mean that the...
  4. Inquisitive Scoundrel - build ideas and suggestions

    Hi all

    I am going to TR my current scoundrel bard into another scoundrel of some kind, and I really wanted to try inquisitive with it. The main purpose of the build is to get the scoundrel PL and...
  5. I realize I- late to the party, but I just gotta...

    I realize I- late to the party, but I just gotta say how much I love that last post :) The sarcasm of it is just.... fantastic... I actually LOL'ed as opposed to just writing i lol and really just...
  6. Working as designed shoutout thread - Band together and make the dev's hear us

    Since the release of Ravenloft and me finding the Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum, this one notion has bugged me whenever I have played the game: These gloves seem designed for Warlocks and Sorcerers....
  7. Thanks a lot both of you

    As the title says, thanks a lot for the analysis, both of you. Been away for easter so haven't been able to answer, but its obvious the "forthcomingness" (is that a word?) of the DDO community...
  8. How to deal with to hit and traps on this build?


    Planning a bard build next, and I am looking seriously at this one. I have a few doubts/questions though.

    Before I mention them, here are the primary goals of this build
    1. Bard past life...
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