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  1. Human Werewolves and Dragons should be made playable

    This is just some random idea, but I think Werewolves (nicknamed Shifters or something) and Dragons should be made playable. Dragons can shrink down to human-sized forms, and Werewolves can change at...
  2. Seal and Shard drop rates in Epic Quests and Epic Raids should be increased.

    Players like me can't get their gear upgraded to epic any faster, trying to get the seals and shards for those items is slow. The epic scrolls are no problem, it's actually the seals and shards are...
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    Human Merfolk should be Introduced to DDO

    Hi Everyone.

    What's life like under the Sea? People like me consider that Mermaids and Mermen are actually really cool. They should be introduced to Dungeon and Dragons Online in a new quest chain...
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