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  1. Arcane Archer Trapfinder- Need some advice

    I want to build an Arcane Archer Ranger that can disable traps and open locks to use when soloing or if a rogue can't be found. I can't decide between using Rogue or Artificer levels for this. I'm...
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    Build Request: 14 Arcane Archer Ranger/6 Rogue Mechanic

    I'm looking to make a build that has 14 levels of Ranger, AA spec'd and 6 levels of rogue, Rogue mechanic spec'd for the Iron Companion enhancement. My main concern with it is will I still get the...
  3. i just logged in for some late evening slayer...

    i just logged in for some late evening slayer questing and discovered my mailbox is completely empty, i had roughly 10 opened mails from expired auctions that had been hit with the bug, none of wich...
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