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  1. yiipeee

    Tks a billion !!!
  2. Advice on completionist quaterstaff build


    Wondering about how to maximize dps / survivability (saves + dodge) on EE content with a completionist fighting with a quaterstaff...

    Half Orc 12 warrior 8 monk ?
    Half Orc 12 monk 3 druid...
  3. ty m8, i ll focus on melee till lvl 11 and...

    ty m8,

    i ll focus on melee till lvl 11 and reroll after, good idea yep :)
  4. Items

    Would it be wort farming meridia for 2 GS weapons with +2 wis and +2 con, + extra stuff... ?

    I havnt crafted alchemical gear, is that a must for my caster cleric ? Any other gear suggestions ?
  5. ty

    My current life is WF sorc, i did it just for the 2nd past life feat... and i haven't played epic content, except a bit eveningstar...

    I thought of going more caster but as i never meleed on a...
  6. Help needed on cleric optimisation


    I m going to TR soon and i m excited to play cleric, as i never played it before.
    I have gone from one life to another the lazy way without paying so much attention on gear, just enjoying...
  7. Replies

    Rogue Hi, I thought too of 12 wiz /8 rogue, for...


    I thought too of 12 wiz /8 rogue, for self healing, extra int, self buffing, free arrows, stealth, thought it would be nice, not really relying on spell casting except for clouds and dots....
  8. Replies


    That now works, TKS A BILLION for your help guys
  9. Replies


    Tks a lot for your quick answer.

    I did open that file with a text editor, there s a now a new file with the .txt extension.

    Now there s the window to insert the login and password, after 2...
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    client launcher fails

    I never saw that message before...
    Since today when i launch the game, the main window appears but i have no possibility to enter username and password, there s the following text instead :
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    one more question


    i havn t read the 10 000 replies of this thread so i hope it s a new question, I have played pure casters until now and that build sounds great but::::: i love my banshee, is it workable to...
  12. Tk u Xeno :)

    Tk u Xeno :)
  13. Evoker FVS : Helf ? Human ? Dwarf ?

    Hi, I m going to TR into an evoker FVS (from wiz and sorc) and i m not fully familiar with those races since I was a WF both previous lives, and honestly i d love a change :).

    I was considering...
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    Favored Soul Tk u impact

    I m lvl 19, have 23 con (377 hp), DR 9, dusk heart (+20 hp and 10% concealment chanche) : that for my hp problem

    and my other problem is casters and rangers for which i have difficulties to kill...
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    Favored Soul might need some advice

    hey, i tried that build but it looks like dps wise it doesn t come close to my wf wiz or sorc.

    For solo, the spells are too slow to recharge and i have no melee ability so, i personnally find that...
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    Favored Soul TR to FVS bis

    I need to be more specific : at high lvl and epics, would an evoker benefit more from ...

    - +4 spell pen (2 wiz TR)
    - 2+ spell pen and +1 DC to evocation
    - +2 DC to evocation
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    Favored Soul tk u impaqt

    tks for sharing your knowledge impaqt. Would u go 2x sorcerer + fvs or wiz+sorc+fvs ?
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    Favored Soul TR for Evoker FVS


    Would the TR from sorcerer with a +1 to the DC of evocation be nice for that build ? Or would that not be felt ? Would it require 2 sorcerrer TR (+2 evocation) so that it substantially...
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    Mabar event

    I hope there will be another event, the same one...
    I have the lvl 8 docent and farmed enough to have the lvl 12 but couldn t linked it.
    One said it took him 4 hours for an epic.... it took me the...
  20. hi Don, Tks for your constructive answer. I...

    hi Don,

    Tks for your constructive answer. I deed try indeed to ask for a manual payment but i got a basic answer about paypal and credit card, the equivalent of no answer.
    I m gonna try the gift...
  21. pffff

    pay by cash is not available for switzerland. Tks for the idea though. I played a lot and i have some good toons, but can t get +2 tomes because turbine doesn t give me the possibility to pay,

  22. hmmmmm

    Tks for your replies guys,

    I checked for game cards : none are available for DDO
    I have never heard of prepaid credit cards in Switzerland
    One payment option is pay by mobile phone but...
  23. Limitations of payments methods


    I needed to express my frustration !!!!!!!!

    I want to buy some credits but i have no credit card.
    I used a couple of time pay by mobile but it s so expensive, there s no way we can t get...
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