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    Sticky: ED means Epic Destininy. This is accessed,if you...

    ED means Epic Destininy. This is accessed,if you own it, once a character is level 20. Search the wiki for more info.
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    When I have used consecration, it worked similar to Earthquake, but centered on me. I do not recall being able to cast overlapping instances, and am not sure if you can. It is not an aura that...
  3. Happy Cloud is a nice thing

    I recently reinstalled DDO. I found the Happy Cloud install a good experience.
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    I logged in and played this weekend. On a non main server on a new toon. It was fun seeing the new loot. I will oprobably go back to my main after he first patch. Meanwhile I have enjoyed little to...
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    wiki is up to date now

    The wiki has the info now. The last time I looked it did not. I built my last aa when ranged power was new. I did not see the note on precise shot. Thanks for your help. Looks like the toned it...
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    Where do i get range power now?

    In my last as life point blank shot and other feats boosted range power. I don't see any boosts on feats or enhancements. Am I missing something?
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    Where is daw n of the citidel?

    I just bought trial of the archons. Where is the entrance to the citadel of the Dawn?
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    I play a ranger and get Xbows and Repeaters ad nauseum

    On my Ranger, I have the box checked to have end rewards meet class, and I seem to rarely get items that I use. I get shortbows, Xbows and repeaters all the time. You may have some luck with Ranger...
  9. Elf Sharpshooter, do the enhancements stack?

    I was looking at the update notes and saw that rogue sharpshooter affects bows. Does that stack with elf race enhancements? Is an elf sharpshooter AA blend viable?
  10. How do you upgrade Proving Ground on a ship?

    I see upgrade on the hook points of the small rooms on the ship, but I do not see how to upgrade Proving Ground. Any one know how you get the different levels of benefit talked about on the wiki?
  11. I have opened the detail box and see Bonuses =...

    I have opened the detail box and see Bonuses = +33. I guess it goes there? there is no tool tip for me to know. Just bugged me that it seemed to be working one way, then stopped. Thanks for your...
  12. Weapon Training : How should I see the damage mod show up?

    If I take Dwarf, Elf, Drow Elf, or Sun Elf weapon training from the Race tree, how should I see those bonuses show up when I equip an appropriate weapon? On my Dwarf for a couple of weeks I saw the...
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