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  1. Sticky: Coming back and need help re-adjusting

    Hi all, after a long leave of absence (4-6years) I'm looking to return.
    I have noticed the have been a few updates and new characters race etc.
    I'm looking to find a guild that will be happy to...
  2. A long time ago

    Hey GT,
    I've been reading though the Guild forums for hours and it jumps out to me that Tyrs Paradium is were I belong, if you'd accept me.

    About me.
    I originally started playing DDO back when...
  3. Been around once or twice

    I have been reading the threads looking for a guild that I'll enjoy and are suited to. I'm impressed by your introduction and further reply's on this thread.
    My history
    I've been playing on...
  4. Replies

    Thanks everyone, Good to know.

    Thanks everyone,
    Good to know.
  5. Replies

    LVL/Rank XP Banking.

    Just wondering how many how many ranks can you earn before you have to level. is there a cap on XP per level.
    I hate having to lvl and losing out in the XP from quests, because my lvl is too...
  6. Sticky: Mentor needed.

    I could also use some in game help. I'm not new to the game, but i'm completely mindblown to the new updates over the last 4yrs. I've played alot of DDO a long time ago but I'm getting back ito...
  7. Returning player starting again LFG+Guild.

    I'm an old player that has decided to come back. I last played around 3-4 years ago and was playing at least 8hr per day. I'm looking to come back now i have some time.
    I live in Aus. and...
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