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  1. Holy Sword

    I am surprised at all this complaining about the Holy Sword spell, and no one has brought up the fact that it does not-in fact-make a sword holy. I was extremely surprised when i found that out,...
  2. Oh I agree I like them myself, I just was...

    Oh I agree I like them myself, I just was reacting to his condescending attitude. My only complaint is that when they are so common they dont feel like champions. I think they should be...
  3. And proud of it!!!

    Is this supposed to be an insult...Mr. 1 percent. How sad that I can only say I am in line with 98 out of 100. Well back to casual for me.
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    Yeah you are probably right. I may be trying to...

    Yeah you are probably right. I may be trying to hard to use the warpriest PRC. Maybe it's not really worth it at this time.
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    I need to be talked off the ledge.

    I have been trying to make a warpriest since the update and have just not found anything I like.

    I got the idea today of going bladeforged 13 sorc/5fvs/2 paladin and am not seeing where I am...
  6. 1. I can't buy them from the store. 2. The 2nd...

    1. I can't buy them from the store.

    2. The 2nd run had already started before I found out that my compass had disappeared and that the timer had expired.

    3. I was on my druid and since I use...
  7. Congrats devs, Cove just got worse!!!

    I was on my main today and saw a lower level guildie doing cove, since I had an alt the same level I offered to switch over and run it with him. I wasn't worried about compasses since I was just...
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    my 2c

    I'm not entirely sure what he was referring to, but I did that quest on elite at level 9 and the force traps ate me alive. I could not make it from the engine room to the last room with the valves to...
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    Maybe the history could be automatically trimmed,...

    Maybe the history could be automatically trimmed, or even better remove the message if the item/reward has been picked up, or expired.
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    In the belly of the beast

    What can i say interesting quest, **** poor mechanic. i made it to the purple worm had to fight with your stupid shard(which uncentered me). Then when i get out of the worm i cannot kill it because...
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    Funny, i don't remember having my candles taken...

    Funny, i don't remember having my candles taken away from me the night they gave me my first electric light.

    My main complaint is that i cant move the main menu bar. Just because its changed...
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    Count me in

    I fully endorse the easy button and will choose it every time if you don't like it then you push the hard button(and quit worrying about which button I or others might prefer).
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    I get it

    I agree with this idea i run elite and like seeing 67 elite streak, but when a friend or a pug is looking for something in my range and they want it on norm or hard. I wish i didn't, but I do find...
  14. +1 and +2 tomes

    Actually a tome will default to the lower level tome on a Resurrection until the higher level is warranted. In other words at level 3 it acts like a +1 and at level 7 it acts as a +2 and as a +3 at...
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    I do

    I anon any of my chars that start getting tells/blind invites. If you wont run with anyone thats running anon, then i dont want to run with you, problem solved. I rarely get declined so I dont think...
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    I like this

    I have been reading this thread with excitement/dread. I just saw someones idea of limiting everyone to 3 trees including racial, but they can spend as many points in each tree as they like. I LOVE...
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    Good grief

    Up to this point I have been happy/excited. But I wonder why everyone thinks its a good idea to divorce the generic(i.e. fighter str I,ect) from counting towards your pre. If you need to spend 41 ap...
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    Fast quests at all levels

    I prefer the 5-10 min quests that you can knock out quickly. As levels increase the time to complete also seems to increase. I am fine with that, even if it is the norm, but I like the 5-10 minute...
  19. Too bad

    I have 30 toons. I'm so sorry you think I care what your opinion is on my choises. I love to make builds and most of mine are ideas that didnt seeem to pan out but that i haven't given up on(plus...
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    This would give them probable cause It's...

    This would give them probable cause

    It's illegal, so I do have the right to defend myself/property

    Well if your from the Philippians then you don't seem to understand our laws, if your an...
  21. Get a life

    Wow therigar lay off the caffine. I don't care what you think. i personally like his suggestion. you come off as someone that strictly enforces role playing choices. you play the way you like and...
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    My 2 cp

    Well I for one really would like them to make soloing more friendly. I love to run with my guild, but I would say that I would hate to run with most of those complaining about how easy it is to solo....
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    Upgrade to khopeshes. Ok I admit this would be overpowered/unworkable, I do like the improved crit(x3) or range(15-20) since we get ic:ss already. I would +1 but alas I am not much of a forum poster...
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    well now

    Ok I had this happen when i clicked the directx 10 button. Once i changed it so it no longer used directx 10, the only problem is that my graphic will stop responding and reset. Sometime it happens...
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    I cant believe all this noise. The problem before is you entered the price in plat but it displayed in gold. It didnt matter what the base is but it should be consistant. i dont care if the prices...
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