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  1. Thongtwizzle's Pale Eldritch Dragonborn Repeater Build (Art 1/Wiz 19)

    This is the build I am currently playing as a TR life. I am having a blast with it and wanted to share.

    I am currently up to level 18. I do not intend to play it into Epics, at least this time...
  2. Since last patch, mobs (and hires) failing to...

    Since last patch, mobs (and hires) failing to negotiate obstacles - getting hung up on door frames, behind partial barriers and also jumping off ledges like lemmings.

    "The Grotto" is unplayable...
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    Shroud of the Vampire

    What % is that chance?

    I presume it doesn't apply to ranged attacks?
  4. Great advice. Thanks.

    Great advice. Thanks.
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    It is worth noting that however sucky an Arcane...

    It is worth noting that however sucky an Arcane Archer build may or may not be currently, Ranged Rangers are alive and well and using crossbows successfully as Inquisitives.

    Although it is a bit...
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  7. Ranger Past Life Feat +2 damage not showing in UI

    Starting a repeater build with one ranger past life, the +2 damage for the past life feat does not show in the UI. (In the inventory screen).

    As far as I can tell from the description, the +2...
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  9. Does Dragon Heritage +Corrosion/Comubustion stack with Burnscar Sash +Corrosion/Combu

    Burnscar Sash:

    Enhanced Corrosion +77: Passive: +77 Enhancement Bonus to Acid Spell Power.
    Enhanced Combustion +77: Passive: +77 Enhancement Bonus to Fire Spell Power.

    Does this stack with...
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    Solo Druid Arcane Archer

    Here is a build that I played to level 25 before TRing (due to epic grind ennui). I will play it again as my next life after the current one. It is a lot of fun to play.

    For a mostly solo player,...
  11. Chamber of Raiyum

    For Arcane Tier 5, EC Chamber of Raiyum has at least 2 altars and 6 alchemy tables (2 in each of the Efreet/Djinn rooms). I did not explore the basement, only the three "towers". On my single run...
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