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  1. Bear Dye

    Cordovan, We're getting cloaks, but we still can't dye our bear and wolf fur different colors. If we can get cloaks, can we get bear dye? #beardyematters
  2. Security Through Obscurity

    The development is practicing security through obscurity. Found a great definition here,"Security Through Obscurity (STO) is the belief that a system of any sort can be secure so long as nobody...
  3. Thread: Lost

    by Treok

    few tips

    I always hit the "P" button on the keyboard to look up quests and do a sort by level. The good news is that there is a decent transition from 1-4 to 4-6. Start in Korthos, then you will do a good bit...
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    AA Ranger

    I play an AA ranger, and this is a sizable nerf to AA. I guess DDO is going to sell respec 20+ stones after this for AA rangers. If you are trying to target a specific class for balancing, do it. ...
  5. This guy is on the mark.

    -I really hope you guys will revive this game by whatever is necessary, server merge, lag fixes, things like that.
    Updates like this that add more content to the game really doesn't interest me as...
  6. Good response, but we shouldn't have to guess...

    Good response, but we shouldn't have to guess when a patch is coming. Other vendors do a much better job of communicating this. Its just a case of professionalism. Sure, I could have set my...
  7. Amazing Timing


    So much for a TR before the patch. The best way to lose players is to do a **** job of communicating PLANNED downtime. I guess the planning happened last night. Now that you have upset players...
  8. We don't always test, but when we do, we do it in production.

    Turbine, invest in some DevOps, testing and rollback procedures. Most people would have been happy with delaying the release a week rather than miss play time. Is the deployment process that jacked...
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    Guild of One

    I started John's guild. It is a guild of one player, myself. I am as powerful as the next guild. The game si not about guild play to begin with, it's about players. The is the ultimate vote in of...
  10. Fixed?

    I guess the old Microsoft reboot solution has failed. Load screen of death on Cannith
  11. Simple Server Status on the Web Site

    Please put some thought into creating a status on the site that shows when servers are up and down. We should not need to log in to the client to figure out if a server is up. Even when the site was...
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