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    Coin Lords & House K - Favor runs

    Hi there.
    Please mail me in the game if you'd like to do some runs (I can't open elite).
    Thank you!
    names you can send a message to: Portaborse - Michellanea - Frusaglia
  2. Looking4party for: Search&Rescue & Haunted Halls of ES

    Hi guys. I am very close to unlock the Harper tree, I just need those two quests to be done. Please inbox me in the game if you feel like helping this adventurer :)
    name is Ocaca

  3. Harpers FAVOR runs - Elite opener/runner needed

    Hi all, is there anyone out there who could help me out with unlocking harper tree by favour?
    I need a bunch of quests done

    Thank you very much. Mail me in the game, name is Ocaca
  4. WTB: GROCERIES LIST :D (Coming back to play after several years...)

    Hi there! This is Maqx!

    Could you please sell me these items listed below:

    . Any +4/+5/+6 tomes
    . Skill tomes
    . Epic Black Dragon Helm
    . Shadow Dragon Scales
    . Royal Mask(s)
    . Epic Rubies...
  5. Trading my EH WhiteDragonHelm+3CON for Black one +3str (possibly)

    Well, as the title says :)

    also I have:
    Spidersilk Robe Int+3
    Planar Prowess +3Dex

    on game: Maqx - Lalba - Ocaca - Liqui
  6. whatever, that's why i didn't specify. POSSIBLY,...

    whatever, that's why i didn't specify.
    POSSIBLY, +3str
  7. Need to buy Black Dragon Helm EH or EE

    Hello people.
    Since I'm very tired trying to pull one of those helm in the last two years (YES, TWO YEARS), feel free to contact me in game if you want to sell me that. EH or EE (preferrable last...
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    exactly, more and less

    exactly, more and less
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