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    Yeah, but...

    Yeah, 3 feats is pretty steep. That said, there's one perk no one has really mentioned yet. Rolling WF Arti would be almost exactly like Construct Exemplar, but for a few differences:

    -You get...
  2. I can see where OP has a point. Well, not so much...

    I can see where OP has a point. Well, not so much about getting a stone, but about the frustration of having this change. He specifically made his build the way he did, because with the information...
  3. Sneak Attack now scales with 150% Melee or Ranged Power.

    For example, if you have 5d6 sneak attack and a Melee Power of 20...

    Would it work like this:

    5d6 x (1+(20 x 1.5)) = Damage dealt

    or like this:

    (5d6 x 1.20) x 1.5 = Damage dealt
  4. Iron Defender Ladder bug vs Druid Animal Companion

    For a while now, as I'm sure many an artificer has noticed, Iron Defenders will become bugged if they ascend a ladder, making it necessary to dismiss their ID and rebuild it to make it function...
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    Sneak attack from Deepwood Stalker + Rogue

    Simply put, do the extra sneak attack dice awarded from many of the enhancements in the Deepwood Stalker Ranger tree apply to melee as well as ranged attacks? Do the stack with sneak attack dice that...
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