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    actualy i remade my ranger "my drow that is" into...

    actualy i remade my ranger "my drow that is" into a barbarian,rogue it works well but dont expect drow to be the best barbarian i only did it to make a really tough dark blade style rogue and no pro...
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    request a build

    okay i've read through all your builds listed and closest i've come is a fighter/cleric/barbarian for a warmage style warrior dual weild and two hand style guy who can heal and buff later on i was...
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    i hate blind invites

    i completly agree guys i recently came off lotro and started my chars here i like the game better a bit unpolished but watever whay tha hell cant they just post it on server chat like they do in...
  4. i see thanks

    i see thanks
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    newbe at multi classing

    how far do i level for multi class? and secondly whats the best for tank,heal and destruction magic? thanks i got a 3 fighter right now
  6. drow

    agreed and why cant i buid one like zaknafein do'urden anyway? you know big build drow weapon master
  7. friends dont let friends roll drow

    whats wrong with drow?!
  8. new ranger

    i recently started a drow ranger ill take pointers what are the best hirelings best path for start out i went for tempest i was thinking a alt of my fighter in the style of drzzt do'urden :)=
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