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  1. I hope you all get in tonight, for me I'm tired...

    I hope you all get in tonight, for me I'm tired of it I've read all the posts I want to read and there is nothing we can do but wait and its still down.... So have fun all piece out

    Hope to see...
  2. nother hotfix

    Seems that after each update we are having more and more problems patch 1 patch 2 hotfixes here and there that create even more problems I especially liked loosing all my Cannith items in the shared...
  3. let the cat choose he it got you this far

    let the cat choose he it got you this far
  4. Didn't even think of the massive loss of daily...

    Didn't even think of the massive loss of daily dice experience..... today I would have rolled that 100 I just know it. after all! I can roll a 1 over and over and over again
  5. I waited years for a game like this I think I can...

    I waited years for a game like this I think I can wait a day to get back to it. But I shouldn't have to......
  6. I knew we should have raised the dead gm

    I knew we should have raised the dead gm
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    that way after 57 runs to get a shard and your...

    that way after 57 runs to get a shard and your alt that can't use it pulls it on his fifth you would have access to it by unbinding
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    As unequipable items would remain bta

    As unequipable items would remain bta
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    I was thinking more that it could be used on...

    I was thinking more that it could be used on ingredients like shards and seals and other Items that can't be posted on the shard exchange, not just equipment.
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    Oil of Unbinding

    I've had this idea for a while and thought I would post it here.
    Item would be an Extremely Rare loot, if lootable at all.
    It will generate Turbine Income by being sold in the DDO Store
    It will...
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    I doubt any developer ever played a Bard

    My Bard as he was, never had the time to play all his songs before the others in the groups ran off to kill things and I would chase them and try to finish buffing them. Then I might be able to swing...
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    what a joke on us

    • Bard Spellsinger:
    ? Musical Studies and Advanced Musical Studies will now properly increase your Bard Songs per rest
    ? Spell Song Vigor now only affects a single target (as per its description)...
  13. try again tomorrow

    It seems the Gods of DDO will keep us out tonight (sighs)
  14. Korthos

    When entering Korthos from the market leads to a server disconnect message(the connection to the server has been lost). Trying to log into a character that is in Korthos leads to a server disconnect...
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    What are you thinking

    You make Casters more powerful by now having their weapons cast spells??? Bards/fighters still do very little damage compared to them you want fighters to take the beating and hope to survive while...
  16. Installing Pre-Regs

    instead of just freezing at (Installing Pre-Regs) it would have saved time and worry if an error message would have come up to let us know it wasn't on our end the problem was................ But...
  17. pain pain

    I couldn't log in (Installing Pre-Regs) or get to any turbine site (lokr this forum) my self . So after a couple frustrating hours I decided to reinstall since the install didn't have the new...
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    your all just starting over

    I have a first life char that has been in game since I started. All of this chars epic completions but 1 in each raid has been set to heroic completions. if I had 50 epic completions I now have 1...
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    I reinstalled and did a fix and ended up with a corrupt file I suggest you get a fresh download and renstall with that. My bad file was dndlauncher

  20. problem resolved

    I had an error in my dndlauncher file and it wouldn't update.
    Thanks to Tech Support they suggested I delete it to the recycle bin. After that the Update downloaded a new one and finished 17patch1....
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    run as administrator

    Turbine Knowledge Base/Dungeons & Dragons Online/Technical Support/Installation/Updates/"Unspecified Patch Error"/Special Steps for Windows Vista or 7 users:

    * On Vista/Win7 the game is not...
  22. Updating computer

    Updating your computer may cause more problems Win 7 and 8 seem to have more than their share of problems.
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    Windows Error

    I have win 7 and first had this problem when Update17 tried to update. Tech took me thru all the same steps there taking you thru. I ransacked the Knowledge base tried the framework thing ten times...
  24. still locked out

    any help or ideas????
  25. OHHHHH NOT again :(

    Five- 5 Whole days I got to play and then came Update 17 Patch 1 :(

    OK the Patch hung at Update Programs again. "Unspecified Patch Error"
    I was locked out the first time over 3 weeks lost all my...
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