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  1. My guy may look like a "You are doing a charisma...

    My guy may look like a "You are doing a charisma based, dc and max spell power build", but I'm playing him as a tank...go figure :-)

    And my AC and PRR and MRR could be better, but he is able to...
  2. u43 Gearing

    Hi Nachomammashouse,

    I've been using your Voodu build on one of my alts for quite some time and want to contribute to this great thread. Here's the u43 gearing that I've put together for my Voodu...
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    My experience too

    I've seen and experienced some good in-game support from SSG, but I've also experienced the statement below...and it makes me appalled and questioning. The two times I've submitted to Out of Game...
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    Check out this thread...

    This gear thread has options and works for your build:
  5. here's what I came up with...

    This is for my Ranged Great-XBow build using Intelligence as the main stat for tohit and damage.

    Note on the following wants that I'm missing: Will and Fortitude save boosting items, Spell...
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    J1NG and Arkat, thanks for the info!...I’ll keep farming.
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    Legendary Cloak of Balance (not dropping)

    I've been farming this for days now and out of ~300 pulls, the cloak has yet to show itself.

    Has anyone seen the Legendary Cloak of Balance drop this last week?
  8. Tiefling Scoundrel - When in store?

    It's September...what day will the Tiefling Scoundrel be available for purchase in the DDO Store?
  9. This looks to have been my problem...

    Thanks Krelar for pointing this out. I didn't realize non-VIP had to make changes at the fatespinner every time they want to make a change.
  10. AND...the account is now fixed. Thanks DDO...

    AND...the account is now fixed. Thanks DDO Staff!! CTRL E and I can now spend points and move to adjacent trees.

    DDO staff:
    Can we now talk about compensation for lost XP and his not being...
  11. Not when spending...just ctrl E

    He talked to the fatespinner to choose the destiny to start in, but I'm unsure about going back to the fatespinner after that point...I'll log in to him and see if any other options at the...
  12. I was thinking the same thing, but it came with...

    I was thinking the same thing, but it came with my purchase of "Menace of the Underdark - Standard Edition", which I bought during the holiday sale for each of these accounts. I also looked in the...
  13. Make Active

    The "Make Active" for adjacent destinies is grey'd out, so cannot.
  14. Character broke (Epic Destiny) -- ignored by support?

    **********AND A FURTHER UPDATE***********

    This may have been my issue all along. I talked to the fatespinner then walked away and ctrl E to manipulate. Logged off then back on and no ability to...
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    Welcome to DDO!!

    If you're familiar with D&D, then most of your guildlines for character building are the same. If you're not, then a basic concept to know is multi-clasing a character and all...
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    So what I'm reading here, is that the tier4 "Throw Your Weight Around" in the Dwarf enhancement tree will get a change to allow Constitution to hit. Is this correct?
  17. smiles...

    Ummmmm, maybe reaper xp doesn't mean what we think it means.?.
  18. Good...

    Almost all items look worthy of farming...Thanks SSG!

  19. Really enjoy this build...

    This character is enjoyable, strong, fills a tank role well, and kills mobs fast (wonderful to not have need to target and spin to retarget...just burst away and intim when needed). It also gets a...
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    You can count me in the MOST

    I too am in this "Most people" pool.
  21. Stuck at work...

    Any new weapon or gear options?
  22. Who sold SSG on utilizing cosmetics???

    Why SSG?
    Your thinking that giving away one useful old item to every character on all servers was a mistake, is wrong.

    Your thinking that giving away one cosmetic to every character on all...
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    I Like

    No link, but this looks great. Thinking I'll reincarnate my SwashB into this!!
  24. Crystal Cove deconstruction options

    Please add some form of a dissolver where we turn in an old Crystal Cove item and it destroys said item in exchange for 1/2 of the ingredients used to create it.
  25. This

    This ^^

    ...and the Cannith Challenge gear is wonderful for leveling...I typically don 5 pieces at lvl 20 and wear them through lvl 29. Same with lvl 15 gear through lvl 19. This for all of my...
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