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    Ranged Lethality?

    Simple Question here:

    Does the C5 Assassin Enhancement, Lethality, work with Ranged Attacks?
  2. Thanks

    Thank you, I had hoped that was the case. I guess what my question boiled down to was Am I considered to have Master of Forms in time to qualify for Grandmaster of Forms, even if I acquire both at...
  3. Upgrading Monk Stances on a Multiclass Monk

    I have a Paladin6/Monk14 build I'm working on that has very high healing amp and is a master in slaughtering undead.

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.23.01
    DDO Character Planner...
  4. Re:

    Thank you. I was unaware that slotting an item with a spellpower ruby turned it into a spellcasting implement. Good to know.

  5. Implement Bonus?

    I noticed your build had 36-point Implement Bonus to Spell Power, however none of your equipped items is a spellcasting implement to my knowledge. Could you kindly clear this up for me?
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    Spiked Handwraps?

    Have Handwraps with the Spiked property, such as the Scorching Wraps from Three Barrel Cove or the Ivy Wraps from The Druid's Curse, been tested to see if they work with the Ninja Spy enhancements...
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    The Bowmaster (Fighter Kensei/AA)

    I've played DDO for about a year now, and I thought I'd make some comments on my favorite build: The Bowmaster. Link.
    I'm stuck at a point of divegence between two different playstyles for this...
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