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  1. Still Truckin'

    Yeah, Night and I still do a twice weekly static, but for the most part peeps just use the ship for buffs and do their own thing. I would say it's pretty much a dead guild on life support. There are...
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    This is why i'm done

    This whole thread is complaining about another thing that has not been working at all(at least for me ymmv), and complaining about a change that makes it possible to get it by choosing 2 different...
  3. I really hate that you guys keep listening to the...

    I really hate that you guys keep listening to the 1%ers you killed darkfire before i ever even got a chance to check it out because evidently 1000 spell power is the norm, I got over 400 once and was...
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    It's always been borked.

    I have made several Horc toons to use lock bash and it has never used strength, this change just saves 2 ap and a feat. You do lose the bonus that thieves tools provided, but no longer require them...
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    Rogue abilities

    Please have the game auto assume we are disabling/unlocking the closest trap/door unless another is targeted, some doors are way to much of a challenge just to get unlocked.
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    Please for once let the elites suffer

    I remember getting slaughtered in the maybar quests. Please some of us just like to have fun. The reason I don't run any of your challenges is that they are way to heavy on challenge and way to light...
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    I really enjoy your posts.

    Since my main was for many years my pure monk I am really interested in how you put this character together. Is it possible to get a build breakdown I really want to see where I am going wrong. Thank...
  8. Holy Sword

    I am surprised at all this complaining about the Holy Sword spell, and no one has brought up the fact that it does not-in fact-make a sword holy. I was extremely surprised when i found that out,...
  9. Oh I agree I like them myself, I just was...

    Oh I agree I like them myself, I just was reacting to his condescending attitude. My only complaint is that when they are so common they dont feel like champions. I think they should be...
  10. And proud of it!!!

    Is this supposed to be an insult...Mr. 1 percent. How sad that I can only say I am in line with 98 out of 100. Well back to casual for me.
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    Yeah you are probably right. I may be trying to...

    Yeah you are probably right. I may be trying to hard to use the warpriest PRC. Maybe it's not really worth it at this time.
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    I need to be talked off the ledge.

    I have been trying to make a warpriest since the update and have just not found anything I like.

    I got the idea today of going bladeforged 13 sorc/5fvs/2 paladin and am not seeing where I am...
  13. 1. I can't buy them from the store. 2. The 2nd...

    1. I can't buy them from the store.

    2. The 2nd run had already started before I found out that my compass had disappeared and that the timer had expired.

    3. I was on my druid and since I use...
  14. Congrats devs, Cove just got worse!!!

    I was on my main today and saw a lower level guildie doing cove, since I had an alt the same level I offered to switch over and run it with him. I wasn't worried about compasses since I was just...
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    my 2c

    I'm not entirely sure what he was referring to, but I did that quest on elite at level 9 and the force traps ate me alive. I could not make it from the engine room to the last room with the valves to...
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    Maybe the history could be automatically trimmed,...

    Maybe the history could be automatically trimmed, or even better remove the message if the item/reward has been picked up, or expired.
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    In the belly of the beast

    What can i say interesting quest, **** poor mechanic. i made it to the purple worm had to fight with your stupid shard(which uncentered me). Then when i get out of the worm i cannot kill it because...
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    Funny, i don't remember having my candles taken...

    Funny, i don't remember having my candles taken away from me the night they gave me my first electric light.

    My main complaint is that i cant move the main menu bar. Just because its changed...
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    Count me in

    I fully endorse the easy button and will choose it every time if you don't like it then you push the hard button(and quit worrying about which button I or others might prefer).
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    I get it

    I agree with this idea i run elite and like seeing 67 elite streak, but when a friend or a pug is looking for something in my range and they want it on norm or hard. I wish i didn't, but I do find...
  21. +1 and +2 tomes

    Actually a tome will default to the lower level tome on a Resurrection until the higher level is warranted. In other words at level 3 it acts like a +1 and at level 7 it acts as a +2 and as a +3 at...
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    I do

    I anon any of my chars that start getting tells/blind invites. If you wont run with anyone thats running anon, then i dont want to run with you, problem solved. I rarely get declined so I dont think...
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    I like this

    I have been reading this thread with excitement/dread. I just saw someones idea of limiting everyone to 3 trees including racial, but they can spend as many points in each tree as they like. I LOVE...
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    Good grief

    Up to this point I have been happy/excited. But I wonder why everyone thinks its a good idea to divorce the generic(i.e. fighter str I,ect) from counting towards your pre. If you need to spend 41 ap...
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    Fast quests at all levels

    I prefer the 5-10 min quests that you can knock out quickly. As levels increase the time to complete also seems to increase. I am fine with that, even if it is the norm, but I like the 5-10 minute...
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