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    Old Forum URL with 7 digits for thread not working

    This works for me, but I can't open a page with a 7 digit forum handle. Looks like most of the recent forum threads started at the end of 2012 have a 7 digit handle, like this:
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    LOL, I had a good laugh from this. Just last...

    LOL, I had a good laugh from this. Just last week, I came back from the store, starting playing DDO, and made a list of what Shroud ingreds I was running low on. "Ok, I need a few more Large Stones,...
  3. I would only want to try it for a personal...

    I would only want to try it for a personal challenge. If I had a full weekend open to play DDO, and I was able to achieve Lvls 1-20 within 10 hours on a Saturday, then I'd easily try to duplicate the...
  4. True Reincarnation Timer - Any talk of making it less than 1 week

    I completely forgot to check how long the TR timer was. On Wiki, it states it is 1 week. Is this still the effective timer for a True Reincarnation?

    My mind begin wandering with the thought of...
  5. Quickest amount of time to hit Level 20, using Stone of Experience?

    I'm curious what the fastest amount of time has been spent leveling a toon from 1 to 20, using a Stone of Experience?

    I logged back on (10th time after quitting) three weeks ago to check out...
  6. Are there any ways to change the Size of the Hotbars

    I've searched through the forums on changing the size of hotbars, and most information I've found states that the size cannot be changed.

    I know that at U14, there was the /ui layout command...
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    Experiencing Same Issue

    Yes, I'm also seeing the Frame-Rate drop. I've seen this in the previous year, after U14 came out. I dealt with it until another patch came along that resolved it. So I didn't make a post regarding...
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