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  1. probably one of the most uber ideas i have seen in a while

    This would be so awesome that i would need more storage again. Also we could possibly revert some of the affixes that stayed back to the original form. I don't feel like logging in to look up...
  2. My ideas for an outline of what the system goals should be.

    I will save specific ideas for another post when we get more info on the scope of this crafting pass. That being said here are a few general ideas I have for what crafting should be.

    1) Crafting...
  3. How to fix what is wrong with raid timers?

    I think raid bypass has killed the raid scene for the most part. Since most people rely on 20 completions to get what they want out of a raid people just run 20 as fast as possible get item and never...
  4. I'm not seeing where you think that only a small...

    I'm not seeing where you think that only a small niche would use 2 paladin. Anyone who already has 2 classes and needs saves well guess what paladin still works.

    Next up is someone who needs to be...
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    when improved crit can become a prereq

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you are in epic levels and have overwhelming critical. If so remove that first and you should be able to swap out improved critical feat.
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    chill out

    dude I was in that run with you and I'm not all hurt about it yes it is a pain, but no reason to get all bent out of shape.
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    I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey just got back from an 18 month absence (not by choice) anyway fro anyone who knows smokey hit me up and let me know what all has changed
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    Sticky: a few points of concern

    The number of comms required is based on running level 26 quests. The number of comms we is determined by the level of the quests? Unsure as to how much difference there will be from the amount...
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    why does it need to be a saga anyway?

    Why do i need to run specific quests to get the heart of wood that i need to reincarnate? I don't know if anyone else has suggested anything similar, but why not just make whatever currency you need...
  10. meh guess it's that time

    I tried the VPN fix. This approach helped on Monday, but is not working for me this time. I suppose I should do this strange thing people are always telling me about called sleep now. Hope we get...
  11. if only i could lget logged on khyber

    I would certainly tell kaz for you if I could get on . Sadly I can't get on Khyber either :(
  12. any chance of something nice?

    Is it possible for those of us with connection issues to get some kind of compensation in game? Doesn't have to be anything really big. Maybe a one time bit of xp, or some little shiny that says...
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    just bored

    Well at least one good thing came from this down time. I actually did my yard work. I'm sure my neighbors appreciate me cutting down the jungle that I call a lawn. Now that I got all my outdoors...
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    Not angry, just something I have seen as a trend...

    Not angry, just something I have seen as a trend for the past couple of years. People who have run it over and over and power gamers who don't mind the grind do a ton of past lives. That isn't the...
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    Option 2 does seem very inviting to me on the...

    Option 2 does seem very inviting to me on the toons I have a lot of destinies. It is also not bad for the ones I have just a few destinies done with.

    On the other hand the ones I don't have a lot...
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    dont feel like quoting another post

    Anyway this is to deadlock. Simply put you are going on the assumption that everyone wants to zerg quests, everyone is a veteran, and that everyone wants to run stuff they don't like, or repeat stuff...
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    I actually run every single quest every life...

    I actually run every single quest every life seriously. I don't do my lives that fast so I can get the favor also. Honestly I have forgotten how many lives I have done at this point and don't care to...
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    the problem is the grind

    As has always been the case with the TR system it is way too much grind. A lot of people who would love to have some past lives, or even completionist don't because of how much grind it is. What I...
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    having fun

    I kill you at every chance I get but after 10 lives you dont seem to get the idea that its funny to me
  20. to hoss and fawn

    If yiou decide to do something like this again I may take a little time off from my goofing off that I have done of late.

    Right now im so thoroughly angry at the proposed TR changes that I don't...
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    Even if a character is "retired" from DDO they could rise again some day. I know that eventually you have done all there is to do, and seen all there is to see. The thing is that even with all of...
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    When epic levels were introduced there was a line...

    When epic levels were introduced there was a line drawn. Epic level are totally different than heroic levels. similarly epic destinies are independent of epic level. That is the way thins were set...
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    would like feedback on my thoughts

    What if we were allowed to do these epic TRs with reduced xp.? Then we could do the life while playing the content we actually enjoy.

    I think that would also possibly have a few positive effects...
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    what will be happening in regards to people who...

    what will be happening in regards to people who have bought Keys of Fate to unlock destiny's without having to grind the lvls of the linking destiny's? by that i mean, will the keys get refunded on...
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    issues with this idea

    I have been playing since this game was new. Never have I felt the need to post anything on the forums before this proposed change.

    Ok now here are some concerns I have about this system.

    1) ...
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