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  1. Not only old armour

    images not working....try again later
  2. ....

    Same problem.
    In UK if that helps
  3. Didn't fix the lag

    In fact more lag than ever....Spinner of Shadows completely unplayable.
    Enter the prison, wander up to get held and laaaaaaag, next thing:-
    (Combat): You were killed by something.

    Not impressed.
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    New Thing WAI on Druids?

    Finally got new thing on my druid, but I think it is bugged....
    This new material "Thingamebob", is it an acceptable material for druids, seems to disappear at randoms times?
    I grab new thing and...
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    Mmmmm, Panda Burgers!

    Mmmmm, Panda Burgers!
  6. Gave it a try - only one quick update after...

    Gave it a try - only one quick update after running client, MUCH less lag (no 15-20 sec lag spikes with UMD, only 5 secs or so).

    But, for some strange reason Steam wants to install and update...
  7. Really? If I can streamline all the Service...


    If I can streamline all the Service Packs, Updates and patches into a fresh install for an operating system, surely it is possible to do the same for a game?

    And yes, I know it will...
  8. Is the latest version available on download page?

    Title says it all, Is U15 in the low/high res dowload page..if not, which is it?

    Would be nice to get a clean, defragged, updated version.
  9. Fish

    Teach a man to fish and one day he'll own a fleet and overfish the region causing his neighbours to become pirates...
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    Construct Essence Broken?

    Don't seem to be able to heal my human arti with repair....
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    Why not everything at the same time - free lag :)

    Why not everything at the same time - free lag :)
  12. For you foreigner's to Geordie

    As even the rest of the UK has problems with the North Tyneside accent, here's a few helpful phrases...

    How man, gan canny wi divvent wan te attract tee many liek = be careful we don't wish to...
  13. Eeeks, someone said 'religion'

    I'd like to point out that for some insane reason 'Jedi' is an official religion in the UK. So, if we're not meant to have a discusion on any religious matters wouldn't this be included - seeing as...
  14. How to ask a question about forbidden subjects?

    After reading the forum rules/guidelines I find there are certain topics we are not meant to discuss, how do I go about finding what the limits of those subjects are without getting into trouble with...
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