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    THE ENDGAME (Dedicated Crafter Needed)

    Hello Adventurer,My Name is Terukh ingame,I am currently looking for a Dedicated Crafter to JOIN our Newly Formed Guild in Argonesson,THE ENDGAME,If you are interested then contact me throught the...
  2. Thread: The endgame

    by hbartley

    The endgame

    Welcome Adventurers,Im Terukh,Founder of THE ENDGAME GUILD,New and Xperienced Players Welcome! Need help with a Tough Quest,do a puzzle,have a weapon or armor crafted to meet your needs,Join THE...
  3. Hello,Eima here with The Dragon Seekers,Visit...

    Hello,Eima here with The Dragon Seekers,Visit,like the page and watch our welcome video,we use fb messenger for all our events n such,you may send your chars name to...
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    Come play with The Dragon Seekers in...

    Come play with The Dragon Seekers in Argonessen,visit our fb page to get easyily,like the page,and watch our welcome video,then send your chars name in...
  5. Running Reaper Mode??? Come join The Dragon Seekers Guild (Arogonessen)

    Hello everyone,My name is Eima and The Dragon Seekers is currently running every quest in the game on Reaper Mode,I would like you to visit our fb page,,like the...
  6. Attention!

    There is no Dragon Seekers Guild!
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    RE- Looking for a Guild

    Hello,Im Eima,Leader of The Dragon Seekers,We have been playing since 2010 and have experienced players here as well as a Guild Crafter,Visit,like the page and watch...
  8. The Dragon Seekers Guild,New and Returning players are welcome

    Hello Adventurers,Eima is Bache to Leading The Dragon Seekers Guild in ARGO,All new and returning players are welcome to Join,Pls give our fb page a visit-,like the...
  9. Looking for New and Returning Players for "The Dragon Seekers"

    Hello my name is Eima,and I have returned to Lead The Dragon Seekers,and Im looking for New and Returning players to Join our Family of Friends,Plz visit,and like...
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