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    22 hours, try more like 4 days.

    22 hours, try more like 4 days.
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    Stop banking XP?

    I need to stop banking XP. I have an alt that is not gaining action points when advancing ranks. I want to stop banking XP, but I don't know how I started it. So how do I stop? Thanks
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    What are the steps to start banking XP? I ask...

    What are the steps to start banking XP? I ask because I think I started banking XP years ago on an alt, and I need to start advancing again. How do I stop bankingXP?
  4. 18+?

    when you say 18+ do you mean 18+ years old or 18+ level. I am a returning player, looking for a guild I can join and adventure with, but all my toons (is that the right term, do we still call them...
  5. returning player looking for guild on Ghallanda

    hi I am a returning player looking for a guild of mature people to share the DDO experience. I am 50 years old and a retired Soldier. I am willing to switch servers for the right guild. I would like...
  6. lookin for a great guild

    hi I am a 48 year old retired veteran of two wars. I am trying to get back into ddo, I have 8 toons (do we still call them toons?). I am looking for a guild that regularly adventures and I can log on...
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