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  1. thanks for answer

    thanks for answer
  2. When we TR , we loose the XP crafting or not

    Anyone say
  3. Replies

    Sticky: I have the same problem on Ghallanda serveur

    I have the same problem on Ghallanda serveur

    sunday night at 20h30

    I'm vip members and I can't log

    VErry funny

    but I retry at 20h45 AND IS WORK NOW
  4. Problem solved

    I enable to connect server and I do update and now I can play ,I try if all is good
  5. évolution of my problem

    I take option the retry to install to and his work.

    At the end , I try to launch the game and I can't enter my user name and password ,because where the normal windows appear ,I have a erreur...
  6. now is the client sound.bat is corupted!!!

    now is the client_sound.bat is corupted!!!
    Idon't know what I do!!!

    Anybody have a sugestion!
  7. I don't know for what but It's work now

    I take my mod 8 version download

  8. Client_highres.dat corrupted? Can't install the game Please Help

    Hi I have download the game on the ddo web site and When I try to install the game ,no longer after the beginning of installation ,.

    I have a windows to appears and say !
  9. Quick button in the bank windows for listing your items

    My sugestion is ad a button or little windows in the bank with the complet list of your item in a bank slot.

    And with this list , I can copy and Past in wordpad for print . for referer in futur.
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