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    I have some... I'd have to see how many I can spare. try me on shesha or amedeus.

    we are more likely after the shard trinket.
  2. I`m willing to pay and its not all a big rush.

    A little background here: I donated all my collectables and most of my essences to a guild crafter who is now missing in action and frankly I find crafting boring. I may be willing to part with a tp...
  3. good idea... what`s a good crafting planner to look at?

    Yeah I'm not exactly sure where to put everything yet, was going to try and hash that out with the crafter but I`ll get off my butt and take a look.
  4. seeking expert crafter to make me a few things for lev 30 crossbow rogue ...

    I have quite a few essences lots of plat and all kinds of obscure and delightful junk. also some good stuff and maybe a few shards. pm me or reply to post or find me on shesha or amedeus.

    thank you
  5. sorry guys made a trade right away and forgot to tell anyone

    thanks for all the intrest
  6. wtt my unopened heroic ottos box for 2 epic xp stones or 1 epic and 1 heroic. also...

    Also if that doesn't pan out I`ll consider trading it for 1 epic stone and some extras. If that doesn`t fly I`ll consider any offers.

    Things I need: slavers mats, ingots, essences and...
  7. Thanks for the crafting discussion and advice all but one question remains

    [QUOTE=kemetka;5894829]if your able to and have the pack(s), I'd honeslty recommend not making this if your inclined to farm for things.

    legendary ring of prowess gives you deadly and accuracy...
  8. wtb/wtt for 2x yellow and colorless augmented goggles + seeking +15 or better int...

    +15 or better int goggles with insightful seeker 5 or better. can these be crafted? if not name your price for the random gen goggles (no ottos but almost anything else you might want.

  9. but anyway if you want to still sell ddo store items for plat there is a pm in...

    your inbox from me.


    amedeus aka shesha and many more
  10. i dont think it would be unreasonable to sell legendary timers for 1-2mill each...

    regular raid timers are worth a fair bit less because people still have leftovers from cards.
  11. also good advice...

  12. i dont think...

    i`m pretty sure bucklers just don`t come with red slots.
  13. I want a panda cub and toco toucan certificate. how much plat is enough?

    I can pretty easily offer 8 mill plat for them. also you may want to consider selling legendary raid timers.

    thanks. get back to me in a pm here or in game on shesha.
  14. I have an ins con6 ring with I think sr45 and fr57 but I might...

    might keep it for my wizzie not totally sure yet but make me an offer if you like. usually on shesha elapatra or ereshkegal these days


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    Yes duping happened and they eventually stopped it.

    However the ingredients and such still remain. Most of the supplies have been used up by now but somebody found a couple stacks of ingots in their inventory. The first rule of fight club doesn't...
  16. I get busy and forget to check my posts too at time

    I have to look at my rogue's current state of affairs where equipment is concerned. For all the swapping around I did with new named items I might not need them anymore. I will check on the situation...
  17. it`s been a while no reply

    shall I consider my offer rejected?
  18. I just realized that I posted this in the general khyber forum. sorry

    oops. umm how do you move a thread to the marketplace???
  19. wtb cold and fire vulnerability versions of toee great x-bows, +14 or 15 int cloak ..

    much preferably with a natural armor suffix.

    thanks for reading

    amedeus, shesha, ereshkegal, kittypretty, elapatra and the rest of my gimped crew

    ps. I'm using a +11 right now so even a +...
  20. pm sent

    thank you for considering my offer.
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    I`m pretty sure I have a few of those somewhere....

    I`m pretty sure I have a few of those somewhere. as for what they are worth idk I haven`t seen them traded for a while but if you have any decent augments to trade back that would be fine if not I`m...
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    someone just put a ton of them on the shards auction

    they are going for 250-500 a thousand
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    I`m sure I have at least some of those look me up...

    I`m sure I have at least some of those look me up on amedeus shesha or runezz
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    note of intrest

    I still have 3 unbound caanith marks from when they would drop in chests... I just gave one to a guy who crafted me a few shards the other day. and yes the result is an unbound shard.

    ps I...
  25. sorry if i left anyone hanging

    i got pretty much all of my trading done for now but could offer say a +5 tome or some items or like 500 shards for the music box
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