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  1. Mac working for some people now?


    thanks, I'll look into time machine.

    you're able to log in an play DDO now?
  2. I don't have time machine...

    thanks Daarsurra, but I don't use time machine...

    can't I just download a working file from the official site? why is it so complicated? I use Mac so that I don't have to program or code...
  3. Still no Mac solution?

    is there still no word on what's going on with Mac not loading?'s after midnight here and this will be day 5 of not able to log on...
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    still now Mac fix??????

    is there still no word on a Mac fix? Shouldn't devs at least post something about the fact that Macs can't log on?
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    16 hr download...still bugged

    mine does the same...opens RESOURCES folder, then crashes after I click LOGIN
  6. Mac client still not working?

    So I spent the past 16 hours downloading the "non-Legacy" Mac link that was posted, and it finally finished installing a few minutes ago (long enough for me to read through these posts and find no...
  7. selling / trading Striped Dragon Certificate

    I've got an extra dragon cert, looking to TRADE or SELL... another pet (or something cool), or sell for PLAT or SHARDS. Will consider any offer.
  8. time warp

    lol the best part of this is that someone quoted you 2 posts before you posted =D

    but, I'm actually 12 hours in the future, so the GMT clock is still slow...
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    hmmm sometimes I used to have some luck if I...

    hmmm sometimes I used to have some luck if I toggled the "water reflection" on/off (instead of having to reload the client), but I can't say that fixed it every time. Does anyone have any insight...
  10. 3rd day down for Mac...

    Yeah this will be the 3rd day down (in a row) for us Mac users (IF it gets fixed tomorrow..).

    also, I like what someone mentioned earlier about varying the down times- I get that it's based on the...
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    DDO Mac

    [This may be an old thread, but] my girlfriend and I both play DDO on Mac and I'm also wondering if anyone else is out there...

    I found my way here after a bug with non-WINE Mac client on the last...
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    Find hidden LIBRARY folder on Mac

    Mac rocks, it's just a little tough finding things sometimes (and R-clicking in game lol)

    I had the same problem above- couldn't click on anything (caused when I tried to set my R-click on...
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