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  1. How many pieces are there?

    Uploaded the Tear of Dhakaan:
  2. Don't mess with Arnold

    Uploaded Dead Predators:
  3. The best offense

    Uploaded Archer Point Defense:
  4. It's been found

    Uploaded Delera's part 2:
  5. Does it ring a bell?

    Uploaded the Forgotten Caverns:
  6. Is it beyond repair?

    Uploaded the Ruined Halls:
  7. Ding!

    Uploaded advancing to level 7:
  8. Doom of the witch-doctor: the way to Zulkash

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 7:
  9. What's the big mystery?

    Uploaded Delera's part 1:
  10. Is this about never-ending love?

    Uploaded Tomb of the Immortal Heart:
  11. You drive me crazy

    Uploaded the Chamber of Insanity:
  12. I summon thee

    Uploaded the Lair of Summoning:
  13. The deadly package: agent of the Darguul

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 6:
  14. The deadly package: the stronghold key

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 5:
  15. Ding!

    Uploaded advancing to level 6:
  16. Whisperdoom's spawn

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 4:
  17. Yarkuch's war plans

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 3:
  18. Sensing a little Doom

    Uploaded the depths of doom:
  19. Hearing a little Discord

    Uploaded the depths of discord:
  20. Seeing a little Darkness

    Uploaded the depths of darkness:
  21. Feeling a little Despair

    Uploaded the depths of despair:
  22. Ding!

    Uploaded advancing to level 5:
  23. The hobgoblins' captives

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 2:
  24. First strike

    Uploaded Tangleroot part 1:
  25. The Silver Flame wants you

    Uploaded Catacombs part 2:
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