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    Oh yeah!

    Let me start out by saying "It's about time". I thought we were going to witness the end of the earth before seeing another FVS tree. I am very excited for the FVS to finally have a healing tree......
  2. I didn't this was asking too much... (WTB weapon)

    Have been looking through AHSH and checking bags for over a year now and still no luck. All I am after is a craftable (cannith) flametouch maul with a red socket on Khyber. If anyone has one they...
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    Sentient experience

    I thought the current xp gain was a little disturbing. Feed this weapon other named, non-sentient (aka inferior) items so it can absorb the essence and become more powerful. All this has done for the...
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    That just means when I'm heading to the...

    That just means when I'm heading to the marketplace I would have to deal with Hall of Heroes (avoid at all costs) AND deal with another loading screen. Besides, I don't know anywhere in DDO to be...
  5. I totally agree with putting them in their own...

    I totally agree with putting them in their own category in the auction but I am on the other side of the problem. Going through shopping for new augments for a TR toon and getting page after page of...
  6. What level is the DDO content of Ravenloft?

    This is one question I have for which I cannot find an answer. Is it the original module levels 5-7 with an epic twin or is it end game nonsense? I have a really difficult time even considering the...
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    Elite sagas yield normal rewards?

    I have always wondered... when I do a saga chain (i.e. Druids Deep), all quests on elite and even completing optionals, why does the saga quest giver only reward you with normal items? Sometimes the...
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    I would rather take on and entire pack of zombies...

    I would rather take on and entire pack of zombies than have to face a single wraith. Zombies are slow and easy to avoid. But with the similarity to reapers... four wraiths pop in and you are not...
  9. That is some amazing work! Why has that or...

    That is some amazing work! Why has that or something to that effect not been implemented into the game by now? I think the devs need to get on this... how hard could it be?
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    Class trainers on the guild ship.

    This one is pretty straight forward. My guild has currently the largest air ship in the game. There are also quite a few rooms standing empty simply because there are no more amenities to put on the...
  11. Character stats and why don't we have them...

    I have always been curious as to where the rest on our characters stats have gone. We have elemental resistances sure but what of the rest? Light resist, negative resist, poison resist, disease...
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    We have been needing this option for quite some...

    We have been needing this option for quite some time. Most people will not exit/minimize the game to seek an external link even if it is for information about what they are doing. A calendar would be...
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    Guild amenities??

    If you pull up the list on the guild ship inventory, it states that the Archwizard sells inscription tools and spell components and the Hag Apothecary sells potions. Google is, as usual, absolutely...
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    In the Demon's Den Boss Bugged

    I accepted the Demon's Den quest and entered on hard @ lvl 18 with a hire healer & barbarian. Upon entering the center chamber, the end boss became active and followed me around the dungeon. Any...
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