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    Danke fürs Hosten, Titus.

    Danke fürs Hosten, Titus.
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    Invitation to Dinner

    One dialogue option with Strahd in front of his organ is complaining about his "Bulter"...

    Not sure if this has been posted yet.
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    no progress on loading screen

    entering Catacombs on Argo, tried just before the Argo restart. had run almost all of the chain the day before that, but "Endgame" bugged out on me when the last force field didn't drop with no...
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    Invitation to Dinner

    There is a typo in the quest objectives window, if you draw the anarchist combination. It spells "anarchrist". Not sure if it has been spotted or even fixed.
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    Elite streak reset

    Did you by chance TR in between? The bravery marshal resets to bravery streak ON on TR. Had my similar streak broken that way.
  6. 2nd account?

    Did you ever register a second account? Maybe for a forum name (when it was connected to your login name some years back)? Your character wouldn't be deleted, so the name is taken, but it might be...
  7. Check servers in server list

    You could check if you logged into the right server (the one your toon is on). Sometimes the order changes to get new players evenly distributed to all servers. A different one might now be in the...
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    What toon on Argo do you need it for? Shoot me a...

    What toon on Argo do you need it for? Shoot me a pm on Temmple.
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    Yes, I would like two d10's, a d20, and a cool...

    Yes, I would like two d10's, a d20, and a cool dice bag for DDO's 10th Anniversary.
  10. You'd have to eat a +5 heart to get those rogue...

    You'd have to eat a +5 heart to get those rogue levels out. +1 heart means a respec of your character in which you can change the class selection of _one_ level of your 20.
  11. Happy 9th Birthday DDO!

    Happy 9th Birthday DDO!
  12. deconning your own shards

    You might also consider deconstructing the shards you make in the levelling process to get at least some of the essences back you used up to make them. It ain't much, but every little helps....
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    2,653 CO6...

    CO6 end reward has three (red/orange 2x and red/purple)

    You could also go through which has 200+...
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    I don't think Bringing the Light has a rare drop,...

    I don't think Bringing the Light has a rare drop, but you might be wanting this... or this: for...
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    This might help as to which mobs give incorporeal soul gems: Good point about undead giving undead soul gems.

    Never knew there was an incorporeal bane shard,...
  16. /signed I'd say make the current lootgen armor...


    I'd say make the current lootgen armor and helmet skins into glammer armour straight away. Saves the hassle if a transformation fails, or a barter ui, or colours mismatch after the...
  17. /signed I asked the same question in the...


    I asked the same question in the in-game customer service forum ( but no answer forthcoming...
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    It ain't urgent...

    Forum subtitle: Have a non urgent question for a GM? Post it here.

    It ain't urgent, but this post has been out there for a month now...
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    Removing existing TR flag - possible?

    Is there a way to remove an existing heroic tr flag to use an er heart? Character has been flagged for some time, but never gotten around to tr, now he sits at 28 and would rather er... Lifeshaper...
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    First of all, you have to be warforged... all...

    First of all, you have to be warforged... all else will follow...

    More information here:
  21. Nice Visuals

    Liked the visuals a lot, a big improvement on the Prey on the Hunter glacier. :)

    End of storyline is a bit abrupt as in: yeah, let's fight together, oh, you killed the wizard, you aren't gone yet,...
  22. Ice Elementals

    These are very nice, and the sound they make when the are killed is very well chosen. I have a question though: Shouldn't ice elementals take purple damage from fire? Haven't checked any D&D lore/MM,...
  23. Entertaining Quest

    Pretty straightforward quest, similar to the ES Druid quests.

    Some comments;

    1. I found a total of 8 pages and was confused as only the last 5 five registered for the optional. The story line...
  24. Dances with Satyrs

    Me likes! It was a primal experience! :)
  25. Beautiful Zone

    It looks very nice. Only explored the western bit for awhile, that lake is very nice. Also the Griffins look amazing, especially when stunned! :D

    A couple of comments:

    1. Don't like the 3...
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