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  1. DDO Players News Fables Of The Feywild Dev Roundtable

    Standing Stone Games developers Lynnabel, Knockback, Steelstar, Along with Executive Producer Severlin, Associate Producer Cocomajobo and Community Manager Cordovan join us for a roundtable...
  2. DDO Players News Episode 275 - Fables Of The Feywild Eve

    We talk about the upcoming patch which will bring Fables Of The Feywild, and D&D Is coming to TV?


    Thanks for listening/watching!
  3. DDO Players News Episode 274 - Same Mist Different Day

    This week we talk Update 47 Patch 1 Release Notes, Fables Of The Feywild U48 Preview 2 on Lamannia, Fables Of The Feywild U48 Preview 2: Augment Revamp and
    Fables Of The FeywildU48 Preview 2: New...
  4. Edited the video back in.. Sorry about that… had...

    Edited the video back in.. Sorry about that… had a problem with the first video render that I was unaware of until after I posted...
  5. Fables Of The Feywild Pre-Purchase Bonus Items First Look

    Drac takes a look at the pre-purchase bonus you will get with Fables Of the Feywild Expansion pre-order!

    Watch the Video at DDO Players
  6. DDO Players News Episode 273 - Of Unicorns And Extra Life

    Community Manger Cordovan joins us to talk all things Fables Of The Feywild, Extra Life and more!

  7. Curse of Strahd Revamped First Look & Unboxing

    I unbox and take a look at the new upcoming curse of strahd revamped collectors box from WOTC

    Unboxing the Coffin Here
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  9. I don't!!! It was all Pineleaf, I was saying they...

    I don't!!! It was all Pineleaf, I was saying they are the best app ever! :)
  10. DDO Players News Episode 272 Mozzarella Sticks Hater

    We talk about the news that the Level Cap Increase and Epic Destiny Pass is on hold for now, and More Heroquest talk as it's officially coming back!

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    Also will a dangerous ping pong player, you WILL...

    Also will a dangerous ping pong player, you WILL GET hit the ball if you are around :)
  12. DDO Players News Episode 271 - They Shut Up, And Took My Money

    This week we talk about the U47 Preview 3, visit our gaming goals to see how we are doing, and Heroquest is coming back? For real this time? Maybe? We don't know, Just listen it will make sense..

  13. DDO Players News Episode 270 Stretching The Term Miniature

    This week we talk about Update 46.4.2, The chronicle and when is a miniature not really a miniature anymore?

  14. DDO Players News Episode 269 - The Best Thing About Heroquest Is

    We are joined by Patrick from DDO quest this week, as we talk about Update 47 Preview 2, The new D&D Book, and is Hereoquest making a comeback??


    As always...
  15. DDO Players News Episode 268 - My Wallet Will Never Be The Same

    This week we talk about the issues with the server work, and poor Wayfinder, and more!

  16. DDO Players News Episode 267 – I Should Be At Gen Con!

    This week we talk about the Thank-you code from SSG. And Curse Of Strahd is coming back, in a premium edition box set.


    *Edit* We had a website back end error, the...
  17. DDO Players News Episode 266 - Missed It By That Much!

    This week we talk about server issues that have plagued the game over the past week and more!

  18. ... :)
  19. DDO Players News Episode 265 The Great Cornholio

    This week we talk about the 2 newest DDO Updates, New D&D Icewind Dale book and the return of Beavis and Butthead!

  20. DDO Players News Episode 264 Surprise! Hardcore Season 3 For All!

    This week we talk about the surprising news that Hardcore season 3 is coming NEXT WEEK and it’s open to all. And More!

  21. DDO Players News Episode 263 – By The Power Of The Unicorn Mount!

    On this SUPER SIZED episode, we have Patrick from DDO cast join us to talk about The Freebie Code, Update 46 Patch 2, DDO Cast Hitting 600 episodes, and much more! Grab a drink and keep it handy,...
  22. DDO Players News Episode 262 – A Year Without Gen Con

    his week we talk the chronicle, and Gen Con gets canceled. and much more!


    As always thanks for watching/listening and the support you have given the show over...
  23. Gen Con 2020 Officially Canceled Due To COVID-19...

    Gen Con 2020 Officially Canceled Due To COVID-19
  24. DDO Players News Episode 261 – Bacon Gives Me Hope

    This week we give our review for Update 46 The Lost Gatekeepers! and much much more! it's a super sized show this week!

  25. DDO Players Episode 260 Teasing Secrets!

    This week we talk Update 46 The Lost Gatekeepers and more!!

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