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  1. Standing stone/zendesk support doesn't work? can't login, won't connect!

    I'm trying to find out subscription info that's not clear anywhere. The Standing stone/zendesk support puts you thru all these hoops, then says 'we won't do you'r ticket until you verify it on email,...
  2. Perfect! Thanx!

    Perfect! Thanx!
  3. Current VIP Account Features list needed

    I've been playing a long time ala cart, and I'm thinking I should finally cross the line.
    But....what do I get?

    Where is a master-and CURRENT! - list of what you get when you sign up for a VIP...
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    DDO Player Feed ap on Facebook?

    What's with the DDO Player Feed ap on Facebook? I don't see it do anything. Is there something left I need do to activate it?or is it Broke?
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