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  1. Ya i read that it changed and wasnt sure what...

    Ya i read that it changed and wasnt sure what that meant exactly. Even more the reason i wanna run it again! im more than willing to learn, i just need someone friendly enough to teach
  2. Anyone willing to lead some E VoN?

    Been away for awhile and would like to work on a eSoS but havent seen any epic dragon groups out there except for 1. Dont remember 5/6 well enough to be able to lead it. Anyone out there who is nice...
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    Barb gear

    Finally returning to the game after about a year. Just looking to see what the best gear for barbs is these days. Level 20 pure barb half orc with THF. What is the best two hander out there with all...
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    Tower Shields and evasion

    ok i build my wf fiter and am wondering if evasion works with tower shields because i kno they made it so u cant use evasion with medium and heavy armor. i have the mithril body but am usin a tower...
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    Need Help with WF Pally build

    Alright, i got my 32 pt build and i wanted to make a wf pally.
    the only way you can make a wf pally is with the 32 pt build, rite?
    so what stats should i use?
    What feats shud i take? I was thinkin...
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