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    Paladin Repair works, just make sure your CHA is high...

    Repair works, just make sure your CHA is high enough for UMD. Or bring a wizzie.
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    Paladin It works.

    I just ran mine. He can cast, but he is still immune to healing. I wonder why the description wasn't updated? I'll get some repair scrolls and try those.
  3. Looking at it wrong

    Be careful with the planner and AP. The planner assumes that lvl1 gets 4 AP. This is both right and wrong. If you gain the XP for lvl2 without spending AP, you would be lvl1 with 4 AP (you would...
  4. One quick question.

    I'm currently looking for a guild that accepts casual, inexperienced players on any server and I found yours. My question is where do your members come from? I'm military (Army) stationed in Korea...
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