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    What about...this?

    All these D0oM threads and such... How about something constructive?

    As a Casual player, these recent proposed changes are somewhat off-putting. Since this is the place for feedback on such...
  2. Planned Monk-cher life for TR, advice requested.

    A friend and I have been running toons together since we started playing.. casual players we both are, we've always just done what suits our interest at the time. Quest selection and such... so there...
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    Great theorycrafting here.. enjoying the discussion.

    Quite the interesting thread.
    The flavour of builds is what makes me an alt-o-holic.
    Playing with a lot of rl friends, keeps me tr'ing and rolling up new ones.

    Recently I've been helping a new...
  4. Be Merry.

    Such a nice way to bring some players cheer this holiday.
    Syssi, "The Funky-Wolf", would like a chance. If she may?
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    Favored Soul Good Thread.. one to add.

    My Healer's Bio reads as thus.
    Divine Oath:
    " If one is in need, aid if possible.
    One can not aid those who do not wish to aid themselves.
    One may be sacrificed, for the good of the whole....
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    Mithral May Help..

    From Wiki on Tower shields:
    " The Tower shield proficiency feat allows a character to use tower shields without incurring a non-proficiency penalty. Note that because of their large size, tower...
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    yes please.


    All in all would be happy with dispelling them, as a dismiss if thats the best option for summons.
    IMO, a full bar for your summon would be unneeded. As it is, they are disposable...
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    Gratz on the cap.

    Only partied with ya a couple times thru your run to 20. Low/mid lvls.
    Glad to help, if only a moment in your trek.
    This try-hard healer may just hit cap by time ya make it back there.
    Hope to run...
  9. Sorcerer human s a good choice for a start.

    I've built a human sorc while testing for my current H-elf/pal-dill. They're nice bases for any class. I'd spec'd mine cold and throwin even the spell niac's ray in the harbor, one shotting. ...
  10. keep on the move...

    I've found my best farming was solo, on the move slaying. As long as you can pick your battles (know which mobs you Can take), and leave the tougher ones for the most part alone. Get a good undead...
  11. Wiz dilli-

    If your INT is high enuff for the arti dill and your more of a umd build. I can say from expierence with the wiz dill that the improvements to it boosting your wiz lv for item use is a great help for...
  12. ... all the ho-hum.

    After reading this thread, and trying to come to a conclusion...

    I have been debating whether my lv14 sorc should drop blur for knock. 1st life, 1st savant, and loving the power. I solo alot due...
  13. Afaik, from last year the motes/ vamp fangs/ lich...

    Afaik, from last year the motes/ vamp fangs/ lich dust / and scales were bta, only the keys were btc. Kinda similar to coves compasses.

    Edit: after checking what I had left, seems all collectibles...
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    Thanks Tolath, was unsure the Pen vs. Resist was...

    Thanks Tolath, was unsure the Pen vs. Resist was a roll, or based off cha lv+items+pen only.
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    to clarify...

    Your DC of the spell, is how effective it is. Meaning higher numbers being harder to resist (save against). When they save against something the blue hex pops above their heads and it states they...
  16. Wizard Alt/Crtl/unused mouse button, works great as a mod key...

    I play a healer as my main.
    Throughout his career, I've always had this problem you speak of... This lack of keys.

    Until recently, I've always had numerous bars displayed with various spells,...
  17. description error...

    I thought the same when I saw the change after the installment of U11.
    Tried to test it and found that the clicky still infact does grant more of a benefit than superior potency.
    Tested on my lv...
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    Lasting firewall...?

    Looting wilderness areas today on Orien. Jumping from orchard to vale, and decided to break it a bit with a sands rare run.
    Was goin well till i came upon the firebrands, chugged my normal resist...
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    Artificer Personal opinion, but i actually prefer my human...

    Personal opinion, but i actually prefer my human arti.
    Allowed me to take marks, 4 choices... took making for the bonus crafting lvls.
    Good base for stats.
    Imp recovery negates the construct...
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    If it's a bug or WAI... 6 clicks of 3min duration superior ardor V on an everbright maul/mace may be a nice dual purpose oozebeater/heal-amp... If it keeps the everbroght attrib, ofc.
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    collectible turn-in versions of similar pots...

    What about the potions recieved from collectible turn ins? Are they able to be used as such components?
    The oddly named ones, that have same effect as ones purchasable from vendors.
    If so, one in...
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    *fine print: toggle must be activated each login....

    *fine print: toggle must be activated each login.

    But seriously,
    It wasn't needed in the first place. I prefer playing divines, support classes. Though the new UI nice an pretty (kinda), it's...
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    absolutely needed.

    /Signed once again...

    As was said before, for now i just hit f1then burst. Sometimes in combat, can be a bit tricky.
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    assuming this happened on lammaland?

    Has happened to me a few times as well. I know my connection is stable. But it only happened on lammaland, and even then, only after crash-out... Screen-freeze, etc.

    I simply remedied by logging...
  25. went with my fav sidekick of all...

    Anyone remember the animated series "Invader Zim" ?
    The lil can that made silly remarks and caused random chaos...
    Named mine for this lil jewel of animated madness.
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