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  1. Update 48.4: Could we kindly request a lesser heart of wood to each character?

    Dear Devs,

    I have just read the threads ref update 48.4 in the Lamannia forums, and wanted firstly to say great job!
    I really like the combat style changes and new features, but as someone who...
  2. Also a problem with Razorclaw

    I play a female Razorclaw shifter and I tried using the Slave Rags and the Mushroom cap, both had issues too:
    - Slave rags is missing the bottom part
    - Mushroom cap: the big hairstyle goes through...
  3. Just noticed another error/bug in the description...

    Just noticed another error/bug in the description of the Zombie shroud in the PM tree:

    Under the core 2, the Zombie shroud displays: "While in this form, you hunger for brains and gain +4...
  4. DEVS: Zombie shroud giving -20% attack speed. Is this WAI?

    I am feeling rather disappointed at Zombie form for Pale Master Wizards. I levelled mine all the way to 16, as a mixture of Eldritch Knight and PM Zombie, and the plan is to use the Ascendant Zombie...
  5. Ya, I agree. It certainly seemed like one of the...

    Ya, I agree. It certainly seemed like one of the main reasons for doing a new system.

    Anyone else sending support for the idea of augment destroyers? :)

    We should have a stronger chance now...
  6. Yes, currently that is possible, but only for the...

    Yes, currently that is possible, but only for the augments that are legacy and slotted in the old-style augment slots.

    My post refers to augments that get slotted in the new system, and I'm...
  7. DEVS: augment destroyers plz!! :) Everyone, please sign below if you also want them!

    Dear Devs,

    Can we please get some augment destroyers, similar to to the ones we have to destroy sentient filigrees? It would be great if everyone who also wants them could sign below, I am fairly...
  8. I found another sword that had the same augment...

    I found another sword that had the same augment already slotted in it (Divinity lvl 28), and it lists +45 implement bonus
  9. DEVS: Augments on items (e.g. cloaks) not updating in character bank

    I have been checking items and unslotting augments to update them. Everything that was already in my inventory had augments listed and was fine. When I started looking at the items (helms, necklaces,...
  10. DEVS: New spellpower augments no longer provide implement bonus on weapons

    I just used a legacy augment remover to unslot a ruby of Devotion +138 from my sword. I then logged off and back on to upgrade the augment slot on the weapon. I then slotted the ruby back on, and...
  11. Replies

    DEVS: Scion of Feywild +4 Illusion DCs?

    The release notes of a recent patch said the Scion of Feywild feature would give +4 to Illusion focus, but this is not showing in the description tooltip of the feature currently in game.
  12. Lynnabel: Leg Alchemical weapons bound to character on acquire?

    A Leg alchemical buckler finally dropped for one of my alts yesterday in a LoB run. I clicked loot all, then clicked yes on the pop up windows that show up (as they are normally for the raid runes...
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    Razorclaw art & cosmetic issues

    I'm playing a female Razorclaw shifter and I encountered a few issues, especially with cosmetics:
    - When riding the unicorn, her body is inside the horse's body
    - With Slave Rags cosmetic armor,...
  14. Do combat style bonuses to melee power granted by combat style feats stack?

    Does anyone know if combat style bonuses to melee power granted by combat style features stack with each other? More specifically, if the epic ('perfect') feature stacks with the heroic counterparts?...
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    Viability for handwrap use with other classes?

    Hi Devs and everyone,

    I am pretty excited about the new expansion and the new race/universal trees :) I am particularly interested in the razorclaw shifter and the possibility of using handwraps...
  16. BUG: Alchemist Heartstopper Poison spell and metamagic feats

    The alchemist level 3 spell 'Heartstopper Poison' seems bugged. I tried to apply Maximise and heighten, but it did not work, and when I checked its tooltip in the spellbook, the only metas that are...
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    Hi Lomizir, Great that you can help out with...

    Hi Lomizir,

    Great that you can help out with bugs, thanks a bunch! :)
    I got 5 more to add here, hopefully you get a chance to look at them sometime soon:
  18. Tempest whirlwind stacking incorp not stacking with shadow form WAI?

    I have been testing the stacking 5% incorporeality granted by Tempest ranger core 5. It works when I equip a ghostly item (the character sheet then shows 15%).
    I unequip the item and it goes back...
  19. Hi Lynn, any chance we could get a fix for dragonborn wolf breath bug?

    Hi Lynn,

    Any chance for a fix to cold breath in wolf form not working on dragonborn characters? My druid would love to see thix fixed :D It's been broken for quite a while:

    Thanks in...
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    DEVS: strikethrough bug?

    I also noticed an issue with strikethrough calculations and posted it in a thread I started earlier today:

    I also have a bear druid at level 30, and was checking strikethrough values, and it...
  21. That's great news, thanks for confirming :) ...

    That's great news, thanks for confirming :)

    Hopefully this can be added to the release notes and to DDO Wiki too at some point
  22. DEVS: Strikethrough bonuses not fully adding up (bug?)

    I have a Dwarven Barbarian level 30, running in Fury of the Wild, with some APs in Frenzied Berserker.
    I logged today and was adding the bonuses it should have for strikethrough and checked it...
  23. DEVS: some suggestions for favoured weapons

    I made a few suggestions in a closed thread in Lama regarding favoured weapons, just thought I'd post them here since it is relevant to the OP:

    - Bastard Sword could be added to tier 4 'The Book...
  24. Alchemist 'Accelerate spell' not in alchemist feat list?

    Does anyone know if the 'Accelerate spell' feat is included in the alchemist bonus feat list? The release notes do not say that, and neither DDO wiki.
    I'm still levelling my alchemist, so have not...
  25. Accelerate spell in Alchemist feat list?

    Will the Accelerate Spell feature be included in the Alchemist feat list (and artificer feat list too)?
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