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  1. This was a nice one. ...

    This was a nice one.
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  2. Morninglord nerfs Thunderforge and the advantages of taking a few years off.

    Power creep is the lazy player and patient players friend.

    It is double my TF base damage.

    At least I had to work for TF items.

    But I figure they want to get us hooked on Sentient quickly....
  3. How is Ravenloft graphics update running on your old machine.

    Old is subjective, but I figure even with new machines and the dated engine it should not be a problem?

    I have a Core2 Quad 9650 with a Nvidia 660 GTX
    8 GB DDR2

    Three 27 inch monitors running...
  4. Ravenloft prices & review? New Iconic Review? Store estimated point value in March?


    Is it fun?

    I have an old Triple DDO point code for 11,000 from a few years ago when the old expansions were 75% off.

    I figure I can apply a 2nd triple point code of 11000 DDO points...
  5. Video card over heating. Fan out. I rigged a...

    Video card over heating. Fan out. I rigged a variable speed case fan to it ordered replacement in the mail.
  6. Directx 9 and 11.

    Directx 9 and 11.
  7. Crashing all phases of game. Monitors turn off. Can not recover until hard reboot.

    Windows 10
    Resolution is 5852x1080 with 3 27" monitors
    SB Audiology 5.1 surround.
    Ultra High

    Reset sound and video settings.
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    If it has Dungeons and Dragons in the title it will flop.

    The title has to have the world or the main character in it. Any mention of D&D and no one will go except people that play the game. Heck I probably won't go unless it gets great reviews.
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    No mention of Excalibur. Great movie.

    And probably the only other R rated fantasy movie in the 80s after Conan The Barbarian.
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    If there was a fantasy world this is the way...

    If there was a fantasy world this is the way people would really be in it. More Dark Ages than all the extreme black and white fantasy we see.
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    Your kidding right? The first Conan had James...

    Your kidding right?

    The first Conan had James Earl Jones and so many good actors. Great music and blows so many fantasy movies away except for LOTR, Hobbit and Harry Potter. Other than Game of...
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    Prob most important mid lvl weapon type in game
    upload gif from url
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    Most powerful random loot in the game?
    adult picture hosting
  14. Lag has been driving players away for years. Faster than playing PnP though.

    All the math and effects in the background causes the lag and makes the game idealistically great, but not practical.

    I play cause it is still faster than playing PnP.
  15. My experience with PC hardware with DDO

    You can't change Turbine, but maybe this will help.

    I run on ultra at 5920x1080 resolution. Have run all types of PCs with DDO since 2010. From single core 2002 tech to 2008 dual core tech. DDO...
  16. Invite req = A pulse... All about the money mostly and keeping the game fresh

    If you want to understand why Turbine does what it does.

    If everything stayed the same any game could not keep up with content and would fade away.

    So power creep and these so called ...
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    Welcome back to DDO. Have fun with your group,...

    Welcome back to DDO. Have fun with your group, and don't get so hung up on MinMax. If you have some DDO points for Vet Status (lvl4 or7) or the expansions with Iconics (lvl15) you can always create...
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    Way off for MinMax

    is another option.

    If you are going to take FTR1 you might as well take PAL2. WIS is too high for a Melee Cleric. CHR helps more for Divine Might and more Turn Undead.
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    Axel thread on Cleric forum build Ftr1 then CLR15...

    Axel thread on Cleric forum build Ftr1 then CLR15 then Pal4 is a good first life melee build.
  20. Must be new turbine employees out of touch

    Must be new people at turbine assigned to DDO that are out of touch with the game and previous items.
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    Looks to me you got way to complex with the...

    Looks to me you got way to complex with the controller issue before finding out it was that. If everything was fine before that just recover back to that.

    Do you have a backup hard drive you can...
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    Page file window managed might be better

    DDO is old but with updates an old machine prob cant run it on max.

    I do notice a difference between 6gb and 8gb ram. My system is old but not much in background. You might try more Ram. It...
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    Do you have a SSD for your system? It is...

    Do you have a SSD for your system?

    It is probably the best upgrade bang for the buck you can do for your system. I saw 240gb PNY SSDs at Bestbuy for $60. Windows loads in 15 secs in addition to...
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    Seems you are still messing with the new update and testing

    Looking over that build I changed some other stuff. Like not taking Empower initially in favor of the GTHF line. Also Intensify is better to take than Empower. Still at lvl 28 and plan on Empower...
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    With LR+5 took FTR1 at level 1 for easy class...

    With LR+5 took FTR1 at level 1 for easy class change on multi class 3 class build.
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