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    lots if crashing

    the game ran fine on the last lamainia client version the game ran fine yesterday, today its lock up lag central, been loosing my conection to the server all day since it went live... and all the...
  2. reaper was suppose to encourage grouping

    The best thing to ever happen to grouping was the removal of the power level pen on epics

    i understand the issue with with no power level pen in heroics ....

    i still think that the power level...
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    um um

    but i can has a stone of change uprooted to my cargo hold already..... and id swear there was 2 stones of change some at one point.....
  4. hmm

    so cocomojobo was wrong about the drop rates in the preveiw of that update or has this changed since that live stream ? andif it changed will it likely change again?
  5. my icon sun elf cleric will be a true suncancer cleric YAY

    i built my sun elf to turn and neg specs and it was awsome till around 22.... if i hadnt taken the sun elf +6 to turn enhancment and pumped up ots charisma it would of fallen off alot sooner..... for...
  6. but but the wiki has this answered already at the botum of the named item list

    i has a link to a live stream where a dev difinitavaly says reaper has higher drop rate than leet but SKULLS HAVE NO EFFECT ON DROPS

    why is this...
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    and a query after the quarry

    its an earth elemental quarry

    now the query: is it just me or is the chronical short this week??

    kudos on the sales being more spacific store sales :)
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    i have little issue with the shadow vaiel , but

    i thinks its cool how it does that but all shadow walking needs be it the spell or the quests is a larger color palet

    THE BIG issue in what goes up on the glacier is is not being able to tell...
  9. um um

    business make money through advertisement, they make more money when that advertisement is clear, tells you what you need to know and is easy to find..... big flashy graphixs and scantaly dressed...
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    fear dots

    it seems the dot stops a hire from resing, all to often this is causing wipes both solo w/hire and in small groups w/ hire(s) i find.... has to be the fear dot cuz unless they are on union break...
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    sounds like a great viable fix

    what is thier spot skill at , ie how many floors down can they see in chains of flame, or other quests like coal chamber, could they maybe "put baby so hes facing the corner atleast" ie fix there...
  12. those ones and thaose ones

    just the ones that go in blue bags.........

    and well the crystal coves gems have less value now with loot having out dated stats and or broken effects....
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    good thoughts, 2 things

    1 lowering radius still leaves quests like chain of flames F.U.B.A.R. as per your point

    2 teleporting fear reapers i envision every time i see it mentioned in this thread 10-12 reapers swarming a...
  14. cool but......

    Quote Originally Posted by Miow View Post
    display ship buffs option. On/off

    how is my stoned behind gonna know my buffs are out?

    add a hot key so i can turn on and off quickly?

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    the hireling union, has hired a new pr guy his name is leroy and he use to work for the kobold union, but he heard loot was better than fresh rat, he has some new rules

    1.) all members must run...
  16. reaper mode is revenge for all the ghost bane memes

    mabar the festival of the night reveals augs will be on your 2 do list ( we Need to use this as an excuse to celibrate halloween every 3 months)
  17. hmm

    .... so RNG IS CTHULHU, "rng remembers the water works it seems and the days i spent in there on my first life grinding gear" "rng hates you" is the reason i get 4 champs and 3 reapers in one...
  18. i am afrade to waste the mats and find out

  19. close only counts in horse shoues hand grenades and atom bombs

    the phase spiders in VON2 are still doing the cthulhu thing.... but only once now it seems.....

    nice try though keep up the good work shoes.... hate the title bar colors when...
  20. going to assUme here

    from release notes:
    Most Damage Reduction bypassing effects for handwraps should now properly work. (NOTE: Shintao Cord and Kyosho's Ring set bonus is not included in this fix.)

    assuming this...
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    thanks for the challenge BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>

    yes intentially try and kill us......... but do not sick chutualchu on us randomly ....... i should not be one shot by a stinking magic missle on r1 in the harbour.......... i was litteraly hit for...
  23. instead of bags

    what about using action house tech for storage.... at least the search/sorting options the ah's have would make banking so so much easyer........... or better yet just do away with btc and make bta...
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    i would personaly think it more important to fix...

    i would personaly think it more important to fix the lag that can still cause wipes (though not like it once was) than to fix the possible temporary fix of having lost xp and keeping going with a...
  25. early ?

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