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  1. yes but only issue here is otto's boxes carry a...

    yes but only issue here is otto's boxes carry a value in DDO store of 4495 pts (Yes maybe i have bought a few and know the price :cool:) and could impact turbines source of income.

    New raid has...
  2. our prize for waiting all day for servers....

    I think a suitable prize/reward for our wait should be a "raiders box" raid item of choice from the new DOJ raid :cool:

    Thanks DDO :eek:
  3. Jadez is completionist

    Jadez - Synergia - completionist Monkcher

    1 ED life short of Epic completionist
  4. need 1 or 2 Epic XP stones - Have heroic to trade...

    Let me know what you might be looking for in exchange

    I have heroic xp stone be willing to trade straight up for 2 Epic XP stones

    send me PM with what your looking for and I'm sure i have or...
  5. Thread: Stone Trade

    by Sealsniper

    Pm sent

    let me know
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    LTB/LTF red augment - Deconstructor

    Title says it all, looking for the red augment out of the brothers forge - Deconstructor.

    I can trade endless night augment otherwise let me konw what you might be looking for i am sure i have or...
  7. Looking for Smiting/Improved smiting heavy repeater with red augment slot

    looking to trade or buy a heavy repeater - Smiting or improved smiting with red augment slot.

    prefer epic +1(w) vrs. +.5(w) - doesnt matter what else is on it.

    send me PM or find me in game on...
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    LTB/LTT +3 insightful int Optics

    looking to trade for or buy +3 insightful int intricate field optics,

    Send me PM or find me in game.

    USually playing as sealfu, sealls, jadex or jadez


  9. have 2 offers

    I have 2 offers, so looks like trade closed for now.

    I understand takes a few days to fill order with only 1 signet per toon per dayand ruby costs 2 signet stones.

    If for some reason I dont...
  10. ok farmers...WTT ottos or Bigby's box for 5 Rubies of Endless night

    For someone who has more time then i do....

    I will trade an ottos or bigby's box for 5 rubies of Endless night from Mabar event...your choice

    Let me know if your interested.

    Send me PM or...
  11. Looking for +3 exceptional Int Intricate field optics

    Looking for EH or EE but must be +3 exceptional INt.

    Let me know what you might want for them.



    In game as Jadez or Jadex most likely.
  12. 3x ranger - completionist build - EE Arcane archer or Arti final build? need feedback

    So i have just hit my completionist life with my main toon who has/was 3x past life ranger - Arti.

    I am currently lvl 2o arcane archer (completionist) with +5 tomes and full compliment of gear...
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    trade completed

    thread closed. trade made.

    Thank you,
  14. Guess more flavor. That and don't know anything...

    Guess more flavor. That and don't know anything about monkcher. Been away from game for over 2 years. Only back a few months and so monkcher was not really around that I'm aware of. Wouldn't know how...
  15. Thanks for input

    Thanks to those who have responded.

    As mentioned going to be pure ranged 98% of time with this toon. I have other melee only characters for that, though I have the gear if needed (twin min 2's,...
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    I have Otto's box(s)

    I have an ottos box looking to trade for the following:

    EE Master Illusionist Gloves
    EE Nether Orb - Necro

    If your interested in making a trade, send me PM, post here or find me in game.
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    pm sent

    offer made....let me know your thoughts.


  18. Help with starting stats pure ranged arcane archer elf

    Looking for help pro's/con's on starting stats for pure ranged arcane archer (elf)

    I will be completionist with past life in 3x ranger, going pure AA
    +5 tomes str/dex/con/wis/int/cha

    Leaning I...
  19. Looking for Epic Elite Gloves of the master illusionist

    Title says it all.

    Looking for a set, PM me with what you might be looking for in trade.

    Or you can find me in game on Jadez, Jadex or sealfu.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. FYI Arti build would be heavy repeater

    wont let me edit original post so in case it matters

    My arti build was and would be heavy repeater build
  21. end game post U19 Completionist Arti or Arcane archer

    Looking for advice/ideas. I have 1 life to go (so about a week) to reach completionist. I was 3x ranger Arti build before taking break from game and coming back to game and completing completionist...
  22. WTT/WTB Intricate Fields Optics +3 insightful Int

    Let me know what you might want.

    looking for reasonably priced +3 int optics....

    Post or send me mail

    Ingame usually on Jadez, Sealls, Sealfu or Jadex

    Thank you
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    icy burst ritual also has changed min lvl on items

    I have noticed the early version of icy burst ritual from Turbine event has now changed minimum lvl on items also, so all the work and farming to add kits to gear have been lost. I dont get a choice...
  24. LF Epic elite intricate field optics +3 insightful wis

    Title says it all. Looking for Epic elite intricate field optics with +3 insightful wis on them.

    Let me know what you might be interested in.

    Can typically be found in game playing sealfu,...
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    yes but now i am way ahead of where i was before,...

    yes but now i am way ahead of where i was before, because now i know pointy end towards mob :D
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