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    elven wizards

    I look on the forums quite a bit and no one brings up the fact that elven wizards only get elven arcanum for choosing caster. This seems very unfair to that class because in pen and paper wizard is...
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  3. wttf tome peice 2 for my tome peice 3,5

    wanting # 2 willing to give up 3 and 5 for it also have sheild peices 1,2,7,8 for trade as well
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  6. shining citadel

  7. bumlper

    bump in the night
  8. yo yo

    it would have to be high end rapiers and short swords ahhh very high end and yes wounding of puncturing always works with me:D greater undead bane or ghost touch are priority . girds and sheild...
  9. the movie 300 baby yea the movie 300

    ;) ;) :) :) :) :) :)
  10. wttf sheild peices,girds,shortswords and rapiers

    Here is a list of some of the items im not using that might be of interest to the common adventurer. and really only lookin for sheild peices or plat at this time unless wounding of puncturing comes...
  11. i hear ya

    yea digz i know your point but for finesse build you might as well make it the way you want it wich is the best :D
  12. prefer

    prefer kukri or sickle with the sypheros look ;)
  13. Thread: Hmmm

    by shineing_citadel

    hey bol

    well if you have so much loot then why dont you put some in the offer you made me for the smiting scimitar lol
  14. clarification

    come on guys appreciate a little love here i have had 4 people try to pawn off a vorp kama for scimitar Ill make this easier so you can understand no special proficiency weapons and thanks again for...
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  16. wanting to trade +1 smiteing scimitar no rr

    looking for finesseable vorp no rr
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