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  1. Druid

    Season's herald
    Cores- Pretty nice, not sure about the SLA's, but i'll take them. I think i'd rather have something that could effect elemental forms.

    Here i only have a few issues:
  2. Favored soul

    Divine Avenger
    Where is it? Please give us this in future updates

    Angel of Vengeance
    Core abilities: all very nice, but could use a bit more spell power

    Articles of Faith- I like the...
  3. Paladin

    Knight of the Chalice
    Cores- I like the cores. Great idea, great flavor.

    Extra Remove disease/extra turn undead- Given that these are at the bottom of the paladin tree, but not gained until...
  4. my criticisms of the new enhancements

    All in all, i really like the new direction of the enhancement pass. I think things are off to a really solid start. A lot of work still needs to be done, but it's a great start.

    General review:...
  5. Replies

    Well, i finally logged in... Unfortunately, its...

    Well, i finally logged in... Unfortunately, its under a premium account i started 3-4 years ago and only just remembered about...

    my main account is still saying "cannot process your request at...
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