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  1. Good Idea

    I say why not ??? !!!!! If it unbalances the game just put an end to it . Why not try it ????
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    Ranger I was wondering about capstone Ive just started playing again.

    Is there a reason to stay all ranger for end level capstone or is it still just for ranged attacks I couldnt tell if this was covered already.
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    People should communicate man it helps the game progress.
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    Twigs and coal

    What are twigs and coal used for IN GAME ?
  5. I like my explanation.

    I find it funny that we do not even know when we are exploiting the game. Turbine should give us a detailed list so I know for a fact I am on the up and up.
  6. I wouldnt know what an exploit was anyways so who cares.

    I think a warning and a reason why your getting your time wasted is sufficient. There was a Supreme Court case where it was impossible for the defendents to even know they were breaking the law...
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    Merry Christmas

    and happy Festivoult :)
  8. Stormcleave Threnals why I ask you is this...

    Stormcleave Threnals why I ask you is this garbage still in the game please take out the Dungeon Alert System because the older dungeons cannot use it the way it was intended it should be...
  9. I do not start on airship

    I talked to nyx but when I start a new character I just end up with the quest where the rouge takes you to karthos or I can skip tutorial but I do not start on airship please help.
  10. I have a character with over 1000 faction points but cannot create a 4th level guy.

    Is there something I am doing wrong I am vip and have characters over 1000 faction points. What are the steps to creating a 4th level character what am i doing wrong thx.
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    Dont be afraid to talk on the mic.

    I have been in the most boring groups PEOPLE DO NOT TALK in the group basic tactics or anything. I am at the point where I just leave NO MIC BYE BYE.
  12. How would you feel about DDO being offered on X-Box 360 ?

    I for one am for it because I have seen the influx of new players from free to play accounts and think its cool. I am sure others have had a bad experience but I would like to see what people think...
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    Hi I am a founder.

    Hello dude I am a founder and was around since beta because of my undying loyalty :) I was givin 1500 points I think, and then spent them on garbage :( Then they decided to offer the good stuff after...
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    I think

    The cheapest laziest would be a warforge sorc. You will never die and you don't spend money on gaining spells or healing.
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    I smile

    I just smile and slowly walk away then leave grp oops my internet went out :(
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    When no one is talking on mic.

    The Warforge doesn't have full health at the beginning of quest and does not know what potions are.
    People say don't worry we will be fine I just soloed this with my blah blah blah.
  17. Thats why I love this game

    What you pull is yours, it works perfect no arguments its so easy, love it.
  18. I am a pre order old subscriber and did not get my turbine points for the store this

    I have been playing this game for 3 + years and was hoping being a VIP would have gotten our store points to us on time I waited for my billing date and that has come and went and no new points what...
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    I lost things in the bank transfer

    It just said Bank Failed I guess soo Bank Failed big time thx for no return policy also give me a break you have the records we should get something at least the monatary value of lost items for...
  20. They have always looked that way in this game.

    I refuse to play one for that very reason I know I am missing out on a whole race in the game and everything that entails but I cannot get passed the head its way to goofy looking.
  21. Thread: Servers

    by Xalted_Vol

    the one that begins with A is the most populated

    Argonsan or whatever is the most populated and I love it so come to Argenson and look for Xalted and any other name related to Xalt.
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    Iagree with this the ranged player ideas are very true.

    I also would add someone who can work in a group without causing havok or going out on thier own.
  23. What happend to me is I was posting a lfm and putting it out there in genereal chat w

    I would put a lfm up and also put a tell out in the general chat. My thinking was that I would get both people in lfm and general chat. Now that I look at it I have been playing for 3 + years and...
  24. I voted for ddo yay

    Vote the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  25. The game just kicks me out It seems pretty self...

    The game just kicks me out It seems pretty self explanitory. What does your comment have to do with the question :)
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