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  1. What cookie would I like to see...

    If we have to choose from existing effects, I would love to see a cookie that would grant a use of "Leap of Faith" or the monk's version. But if I didn't then perhaps expand the cookie lineup to...
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    I like it but perhaps something to consider.

    First off, thank you devs for continuing to expand the game to make it interesting. I'm sure modifying that much of a code-base is a pain. I'm sure you have probably considered just starting the DDO2...
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    Update 5 Thief Acrobat question

    With the release of some of the update 5 information, I noticed that Thief Acrobat I says it will add Dexterity bonus to sneak attack damage with a quarterstaff. (Not exactly those words but close)....
  4. Actually it is 30ft. (Same as the qualification...

    Actually it is 30ft. (Same as the qualification for point blank shot and sneak attack bonus)

    On a side note: I am curious to see if the Assassin 1 poison effects will apply on a ranged sneak...
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