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    Thanks to all who showed up and took us through the raid. A couple of people got some named items, which was great.

    I found out what my audio problem was, somehow DDO decided to change my 'voice...
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    I can't commit to that without talking to my...

    I can't commit to that without talking to my other guildie. My gut feeling is that we might be able to do this for several weeks, but not for months. I will follow up here after we run the raid. ...
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    CITW Raid 10.15.2015 - 2230GMT

    Our two-person guild just flagged for CITW this week. We would love to do the raid this coming Thursday, 15 October 2015. We can start at 22:30GMT, or 5:30 Central US.

    Neither of us has run...
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    Abbot Raid 7/23/15 - 7pm Central US

    Our little 2-person guld- Gypsys Tramps and Thieves - just flagged for Abbot tonight. We would love to try to get a raid going next week. If there are any people left on Wayfinder that are somehow...
  5. Open Letter to Chronicle - Attn: Capshaw the Crier - Hireling Vendor in Meridia

    As the patron of the Free Agents here in Stormreach, I have a request for you.

    The Hireling Vendor in Meridia, one Kyrian Flamewarden, needs to stock some additional hireling contracts. ...
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    Unable to Contact In-Game GM Help

    I am VIP (I checked to be sure my sub hasn't expired and I am still current), and have used GM help before.

    When I click on Main Menu > Help I get a 404 error not found.

    In the past, this page...
  7. I was stuck in that repeating update loop. It...

    I was stuck in that repeating update loop. It finally 'took' after about 15 tries. I am in.
  8. Replacement Player(s) wanted - Thursday Evening Static Group on Wayfinder

    We have a static group that meets on Thursday evenings, 6:00pm Central Time.

    We all started at level 1, and have advanced to level 20, some close to 21.We have played with some fairly strict rules...
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    Late 3.26.15

    I will be late tonight, probably not until 8pm central.
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    I will be about 1/2 hour late tonight.

    I will be about 1/2 hour late tonight.
  11. Bags

    How about
    1) Ability to label your bags. .
    2) "Striped" color bags. Keep your basic color (green, blue, red, etc) but have random stripes on them... This will help us keep things sorted.
  12. Happy 9th Birthday DDO! Forgesong Khyber

    Happy 9th Birthday DDO!

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    After Action Report 2/5/15

    Just three of us tonight. Sharteel, Charolette and myself.

    We ran Acid Wit on Hard, no big issues there. We decided to stay around for the optional chest. A lot of work for VERY little xp...
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    THursday 1/22

    Nimiblethief will not be available on the 22'nd. I have a function/party I am *required* to attend (and actually want to). This will be the last Thursday evening function until the end of the year...
  15. The Millers Debut

    Coin Lord Berrigan Enge told you about a miller who is claiming to be the Best Actor in Stormreach. The problem is that his house is located in a prime location in the harbor, and he is going to...
  16. My Druid is "Jumping up and Down" after Leaving Bear Form

    Getting a weird animation my druid since the last maintenance.

    Whenever I leave Dire Bear form, my toon immediately starts to jump up and down. The best I can describe it is it looks like the...
  17. Thanks to the Kender Guild for opening this event...

    Thanks to the Kender Guild for opening this event up to the Server. I had a lot of fun, and made some new friends. I also now have a viable toon on Thelanis which I would not have but for this.
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    Bad Link in Launcher for Otto's Box

    12/23 6:12 Central: When I click on the Otto's Box picture in the Launcher, it takes me to which is the website to get more Turbine Points
  19. It's isn'tTurbine I am concerned with. It's...

    It's isn'tTurbine I am concerned with. It's OfferPop. The popup was by them, and I didn't want my info even further spread around. by a datamining company.

    I did as was suggested elsewhere,...
  20. May I politely suggest you alter or add on to the...

    May I politely suggest you alter or add on to the facebook page stating such before one clicks on the link? It will help alleviate concerns, and maybe get you some more clicks. Thanks!
  21. Too Much Info Requested?

    Please clarify.

    When I click on the link on the facebook page, I get a popup from Offerpop saying it wants:
    My Public Profile
    Friend List
    Email Address
    Current City
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    Better Fix Before than After

    I for one am perfectly happy to wait for them to fix any problem BEFORE release, rather than after, causing hotfixes, downtime or whatever.

    TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to make it right the first...
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    Cards to Khyber

    Here is what i have on other servers. I don't have any 9/10/11-- never got one on all my rolls last year.

    Gallandra: 1x I, 2x II, 1xIII, 2x IV, 1xV, 1x VI, 1x VII, 1x viii
    Sarlona: 1x...
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    Dec 4

    I will be there, might be a bit late. Work will be keeping me late that night. Should be about 45 mins late. Looking forward to playing with the group again.

    Don't forget you can do the 'solo'...
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    10.30 - Nimiblethief may be late

    Nimblethief may be a bit late up to an hour, but I will be there. Feel free to start without me.

    We were thinking of the final reavers (ice) or re-doing Enter the Kobald for those that didn't...
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