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  1. Paladin To Inouk (and everyone in general)

    I've been playing for exactly 3 days, and I'm level 2 Pal 1 Rog.

    I've soloed every quest in the starting town on elite difficulty using a Cleric hireling (primarily for the quest where you must...
  2. Paladin Hello from a True Noob!

    First off thanks for all the work, this is a fantastic guide that has been helping me greatly. I was so happy to find a thread detailing exactly the type of character I want.

    That said, I'm a...
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    Thanks for the link!

    Is it normal for the in-game store to be very slow loading (ie clunky)?

    It seems usable, but it's slow and clunky heh...
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    I think I figured it out...

    Can you only purchase certain things from the NON in-game store (ie just going there via my browser)? When I bring up the in-game store everything makes perfect sense - so apparently I have to...
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    How to purchase Adventure Packs?

    When I go to the DDO Store I seem to be very limited in what I can actually buy; once I have TPs will I get the option to actually add items that cost TPs to my cart? When I go to the listing of...
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