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  1. I saw a mini gelatin cube pet leaving a trail of...

    I saw a mini gelatin cube pet leaving a trail of gold sparkles. Couldn't we just have some blood splashing around just as easily. I mean, leave the footprints client-side but add a secondary effect...
  2. TR Into Iconic

    I also think it's bogus (or lack of planning) that a level 20 cannot TR into an iconic and restart their life at level 15. I mean, I realize that the payoff would be small for a hardcore event, but...
  3. Fake Blood

    This is really good news! That this cosmetic reward is not, well, for lack of a better word, COSMETIC! This will save me the 60 hours to grind out the last 2K favor for this imaginary reward. Now...
  4. Hope on the horizon

    Yes, it def went down around 7EST. But my launcher just made it to the servers closed page, so I think maybe there's hope they are really in the office doing a restart and we'll see it online soon!
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    Haha. No, I figured it out. Someone found a back...

    Haha. No, I figured it out. Someone found a back door out of the Land of Lost Souls and it had to be patched STAT!
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    Worlds Down???

    Looks like. I logged Thelanis and apparently they are not doing 1 minute warnings (that would be convenient). 'Buff & quest' turned into 'Buff, Freeze, Lose Connection to Server'.

    This is either:...
  7. Brb

    I'm sorry, I'll be back as soon as hardcore is over OR I die again.
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    Hardcore Holocaust

    Murder your competition? You could play Hitler and wipe out the whole population of hardcore stormreach. This is too dangerous to leave for later.
  9. Makes me wonder if they made some adjustments to...

    Makes me wonder if they made some adjustments to keep fear reapers from getting hung up at a distance while causing fear damage. I died a few times from that awhile back in STK and some others, but...
  10. Back up?

    Is Hardcore back online already?
  11. Charisma Cleric?

    Thanks for the work on these! I'm sorry if I'm dense, but Cleric is not my main. Why is Charisma the high stat instead of Wisdom? Why does a dragon dragonborn heal better than Aasimar?
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    In about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

    In about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
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    Search & Rescue

    Since you're listening ;) Why on earth isn't Search & Rescue Heroic on the list for more XP? It's listed as a level 15 quest, but plays like an epic. I threw it in the mix the other day when I was...
  14. Swag

    I'm looking forward to meeting some DDOers too. I live just down the road but have never made it for the meetups. I hope some folks from Thelanis will be there. But more importantly, can attendees...
  15. Yes, and the problem with Artificer dilly is that...

    Yes, and the problem with Artificer dilly is that you can't buy decent scrolls. If elemental weapons (that you can't cast on yourself) excites you, then go for it. I feel that the top dilly...
  16. Hal-Elf Dilletantes are Dated, Please do a rework or buff

    Part of the fun of grinding racial reincarnation lives has been enjoying the different racial synergies with my monk. Well, granted I use UMD, and some peeps wouldn't. But, after looking over...
  17. True, but this guy would obviously find some way...

    True, but this guy would obviously find some way to post SU1*SIDE.
  18. Same Problem Here But Can't Seem to Fix

    I have the same thing happening on my Windows 10 laptop. I've trying reinstalling twice and the trick with deleting/replacing the UserPreferences file. Still closes when I push Play on the launcher....
  19. Has been a constant thing on Thelanis lately

    This guy has been relentless lately, at least on Thelanis. Although an admin must have just taken him down again. His new LFM went down anyway.

    EDIT: 20 minutes later and he has another posted.
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    Help Screen Error

    Logging into my characters gives the following error and my help screen is blank, making so I can't check the status of an open ticket, or open new tickets; maybe WAI for GMs sake ;)

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    Missing Memories

    I can't find 'Wish for Warforged Memories' in the DDO store. Looks like Tiefling,Halfling and Dragonborn are not there either.
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    AFAN (A Few Are Nothing)

    My main is a monk, EiN is a fun part for me of playing epics. I'm on RRs now, so it will be a bit before I get back there, but if the biggest effect for GMoF is nerfed to 4 mobs, is there a reason to...
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    In Game Service Hours


    I've put in a ticket on Sunday evening and it got put into the 'watching queue' Monday morning. Since I have to be logged into that character for resolution, I've tried to be online most of my...
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    Echo!!! Echo!!!

    I'm loving everything about the game.... except I don't like to solo. :( I love to group. There have been no lfms in my level range for the past three hours, except mine for the last 1.5 hours which...
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    They disappear from the gallery upon any kind of...

    They disappear from the gallery upon any kind of reincarnation, unless they fixed that bug. So, keeping 1 of each would be a good idea if you wanna collect images.
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