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  1. I keep trying.

    I am in game and mssge like this: /tell mississippee. is there a way to add like a name to a list so that when they log on you can see it? also i have used general chat to yell out to the Tyrs...
  2. How to contact you or guild.

    um. I am est zone and get on about 8:30 pm or so almost every night and play about an hour or more (work blah). I tried to @ tell but not sure if im doing it right. How do I contact someone?
  3. Would like to join.

    Hello. I have just recently started playing and came across your thread. I was on another server for about a week but came over to join a guild on this server. Never could contact anyone in that...
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    Different server

    Does it matter that I created a character on Orion?
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    Experienced MMO player LFG.

    I play when I can. I have played RPGs most of my life. The last online was Asherons Call. I am looking for basic guidance and team work. No drama. Too old for that. Thanks.
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