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    Client Server Down?

    I got on Ghallanda a minute ago, then it froze. I went back to DDO, and now it won't log on, it's attempting to get to logon server, and it does 20 attempts, and says "Client server not responding"....
  2. Then wouldn't there be even more joy for guilds?...

    Then wouldn't there be even more joy for guilds?
    We could shift DDO more towards the aspect of guilds, instead of just running around trying your best to level.

    Also, more guilds or importance of...
  3. Would you like to have extra guild renown for players of the same guild in one group?

    I was wondering, why isn't there 'guild runs' in DDO? It sounds like a very useful and decent gesture from Turbine to encourage guild group work.

    Say, 2/3's of the group have to be in a party for...
  4. Disturbed Souls - Ghallanda, new guild seeking for members.

    We are a newish guild, level 34, with an airship, just coming out of a member-loss. We're looking for active, friendly members to fill our ranks! Contact me on the forums, or PM me on one of the...
  5. And there we go, it's back up. What a miracle!

    And there we go, it's back up. What a miracle!
  6. Ghallanda still down, and Turbine up, but yet down?

    I've been having a lot of trouble, lately. So DDO, you decide to give us a hotfix? Hope it doesn't suck for all the trouble you're doing. I can't get onto my account, is what it's yelling at me with...
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