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  1. My social anxiety is already through the roof on...

    My social anxiety is already through the roof on this, but I'm planning on coming for a bit at least...
  2. DDO Players News Episode 230 – Looking Forward To Gen Con 2019

    We talk about Gen Con 2019 this week, Drac has his Top 5 games he is looking forward to list, and Pine has his top 5 Gen Can’t list!

  3. DDO Players News Episode 229 – Keeping It Saxy

    There was no game news this week as it was the July 4th holiday, We introduce Pineleaf to Kenny G this week??

  4. DDO Players News Episode 228 – Goals And Fails

    On the show this week, we talk the chronicle, wrap up our origins 2019 coverage and more!

  5. DDO Players News Episode 226 – Ravenloft Plague : Patient Zero

    On the show Drac tries not die of the Ravenloft plague, during the recording

  6. Sharn Heaven & Hell Episode 2 Annoying Goblins

    Drac And Pine venture on with more Sharn quests. And manage to meet a very annoying goblin in the process...

  7. DDO Players News Episode 225 – Now, With More Bacon!

    This week, Pineleaf and Drac talk about the chronicle, And an dungeons & dragons car commercial???

  8. DDO Players News Episode 224 A DDO Manwhich

    Drac is joined by Lessah, Rent & Tae this week! The show goes just as how you would think with these 4. Enjoy!

  9. Sharn Heaven & Hell Episode 1 – “Have You Met Me?”

    Drac Is joined by Pineleaf as we kick off our play through series of DDO Masterminds Of Sharn. Note – I’m streaming this show, this was from the record of that, had some tech issues at the very...
  10. DDO Players News Episode 223 – Sharn With A Side Of Salt

    We talk about the launch of the Sharn expansion, and a way you can help us here at DDO Players!


    As always thanks for listing and the support this amazing...
  11. My social anxiety is through the roof, but I'll...

    My social anxiety is through the roof, but I'll be stopping by yet again this year...
  12. DDO Players News Episode 222 – Welcome To The Joy Of Sharn Eve, Eve!

    With Sharn on the horizon, we did not have much DDO News, we mainly talk about some recent videos we have done for the site and some Gen Con News.


    Thanks for...
  13. DDO Players News Episode 221 – Stick With The Gloom

    This week we talk about Lammania, The Chronicle, Mimic Hunt, Alien is getting an RPG and Drac shows us how bad he is at predicting winners.

  14. DDO Players News Episode 220 – Failing The Death Test

    This week we cover the Sharn delay and castle panic get’s a BIG box!

  15. DDO Players News Episode 219 – DDO Selfies

    On this show this week, we talk Lamannia and more.

    *My good podcasting microphone died right before we started the show, so my side of the audio is not going to like it is normally is. I was...
  16. DDO Players News Episode 218 – Drac’s Not Bitter

    On the show this week, we talk Chronicle, Tieflings and A Lara Croft board game, with more than one Lara?

  17. Thread: Sharn!

    by Draculetta

    I plan on making a video and some screen shots...

    I plan on making a video and some screen shots this weekend :)
  18. DDO Players News Episode 217 – I’m Thinking Like Pineleaf??

    On the show this week, we talk Masterminds of sharn pre-orders and tieflings!

  19. DDO Players News Episode 216 - You're Running Out Of Time

    We had no DDO news this week, We have some Video Games that get Drac super excited, and impatient.


    Thanks as always for listening/downloading/watching and your...
  20. Replies

    As I mentiond on the Podcast this week, I'm not a...

    As I mentiond on the Podcast this week, I'm not a fan of this dropping the small horns.. I really hope you think about reversing this and adding them back in..

    The bigger horns, just DO NOT LOOK...
  21. DDO Players News Episode 215 The Rage Episode

    This week we talk about downtime compensation, and Drac has some Tiefling rage, and somehow we make an odd tangent that will live forever in the history of the show.

  22. DDO Players News Episode 214 – Surviving The Downtime Plague

    Drac spends the episode trying not to die of the plague, we do talk about Downtime, the producer’s letter, or interview with Sev, and The Fallout RPG.

  23. DDO Players Executive Producer Severlin Interview

    we have a chat with our Executive Producer Severlin. We cover classic packs, progression servers, sharn and more!

  24. DDO Players News Episode 213 – Fiddling Tieflings

    Patrick from DDO Cast joins us this week, as we talk about Masterminds Of Sharn and Tieflings

  25. DDO Players – First Look At Tiefling On Lamannia

    As always we went on Lamannia to take a look..

    We have creation, looks and the tree..

    Note - I did not have time to take a look at the Iconic I'll do next time around!

    Watch Here
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